Simona de Silvestro is back at Indy and looking for more

Simona de Silvestro will pilot the No. 29 Andretti Autosport Honda in the 99th running of the Indianapolis 500.

INDIANAPOLIS - Simona de Silvestro returns to the 500 with Andretti Autosport this month after a rather fruitless year of chasing the Formula One dream.

'I could be a competitive F1 driver'

"It's a little bit frustrating because we were pretty close (to F1)," she told "I think I would be competitive in an F1 car, if I would get a chance. But maybe this had to happen to get this chance here at Andretti, you never know where your career is heading. It would have been nice to show what you can do in a Formula One car, that's all that you want to have."

Having a partial season again is not ideal so we're just working really hard to have all the pieces together for next year

Simona de Silvestro on future in IndyCar

It's all about the money

As for why her pursuit of an F1 site came to halt, the reason is fairly obvious...

"Money! In racing in general, especially F1, it's a lot about money. In IndyCar, it's less but it's still the same situation. You can be a pretty good driver but if you don't have people behind you, supporting career, then it's going to be pretty difficult. Which is unfortunate."

"It is frustrating, but it's just become part of the game," she concluded.

Future plans

Although thankful to be able to land such a solid ride with a legendary name upon her return to IndyCar, the Swiss racer is still looking for more.

"The goal is really for next year and to be full-time. Having a partial season again is not ideal so we're just working really hard to have all the pieces together for next year." Despite working to put together a deal for more races in 2015, she said 'it's not looking likely.'

So far in 2015, she has run two races with the team, finishing as high as fourth at NOLA.

"It's been pretty good. It's an incredible chance to be racing for Andretti. I think the first two races we did together, it worked out very well, especially the second one. To get to the speedway with a team like this, it's really different than everything I've experienced and it's been really good so far. Also, with the teammates I have, I have a lot of experience around me and that helps a lot.

Fire 'follows me'

Her fifth 'Month of May' has not been going according to plan with her car bursting into flames, "So far, the month has been going okay, except for the fire we had, of course. It was just unfortunate to miss those two days because of a fuel leak but things happen."

"It’s really frustrating that it seems like fire follows me," she said after the incident. Simona has suffered burns two fiery accidents. The first after she struggled to escape her wrecked car at Texas in 2010 and the second being when she flew into the catchfence during 2011 Indy 500 practice. 

"It seemed like Thursday when the Chevys were doing some qualifying stuff, it looked pretty fast. But I think we'll have a really good car in the race and we can fight up front."

All women 'F1' series - No thank you

Earlier this year, the idea of an all-women series to partner with F1 was making the rounds. The female contingent of drivers have been split as to where they stand. Tatiana Calderon and Susie Wolff have both spoken out against it, while Carmen Jorda supported the concept. Simona made her position on the proposal very clear.

"I don't think it should happen," de Silvestro explained to "I think - If I look at myself, in every racing series, I've shown that I can be as fast or faster than the boys and I don't know why we would need a different series if I can show that I'm already quick. If none of us could be quick, then it's something to be considered but I think women in race cars, we have the pace and I think I've shown that."

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