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Alex Lloyd Begins His Boy Scout Rookie Year Sao Paulo, Brazil (March 14, 2010) - The Boy Scouts of America ...

Alex Lloyd Begins His Boy Scout Rookie Year

Sao Paulo, Brazil (March 14, 2010) - The Boy Scouts of America #19 Indy Car began the season with a race that saw 5 different yellow flags, rain and even a rare red flag before the timed race would see checkered flags.

Alex Lloyd driving the Boy Scouts of America #19 IndyCar had an eventful day. After starting 15th in his road course rookie debut, rain would be the story of the rest of day for Alex. Rain started on lap 26 and the buildings around the circuit caused for very poor radio communications. Many pitted on lap 29 for the grooved rain tires. Alex would remain out for one more lap. The increasing rains and worsening track conditions created treacherous conditions especially in the slippery turn 10. A quick spin a slight contact with the wall would end the day for the Boy Scouts car.

"I am very grateful the opportunity that the Coyne's and the Boy Scouts of America have given me," commented Lloyd. "This was our first race together and to come to a new track with such low grip and all the complications of conditions, unfortunately caught us out here today. We look forward to moving to a track I know in St. Petersburg in two weeks time."

Alex made steady improvements in each session of the weekend. He would qualify 15th for the start of Sao Paulo Grand Prix 300.

Qualifying was originally scheduled for Saturday afternoon. After the early two practice sessions had seen several accidents, spins and impossible traction conditions, officials decided to move qualifying to Sunday morning before the race to facilitate over night track modifications.

During Saturday night, grinders were brought in to too scarify the start/finish straight. Previously it was concrete, but concrete that was ground and polished smooth for the annual Carnival Parade. The surfaces was smooth as glass which is good for dancing, but not good for creating the friction needed to give the tires their needed grip to safely accelerate.

The repairs were excellent and cars were able to improve their times and safety levels in Sundays qualifying just 3 hours before the race.

"This is the beginning of exciting program in 2010 and we are all pleased with the potential that we have experience in the 2 short weeks we've been together Alex," reported Team Owner Dale Coyne. "Our goals is to methodically work on this season with more testing and steadily improve our performance, this weekend has been a good start down that road."

The teams now pack up their gear to be loaded into two 747's cargo jets and shipped back to the States in preparation for the second race of the season in St. Petersburg, Florida on March 28th.

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