Paul Tracy, Indy 500 or Supertrucks?

What is Paul Tracy up to these days?

James Hinchcliffe is already confirmed to attempt the Indy 500. It was announced last month that Jacques Villeneuve will too.

Then with today’s announcement of Alex Tagliani landing a Sarah Fisher car for the ‘500, one must wonder what the ‘Thrill from West Hill,” Paul Tracy is doing these days.

He recently made a comment in social media, eluding to the fact that he is working on a deal that would bring him to some of his favorite venues this season…

The comment has ignited massive speculation as to where he will be going, as there are two, maybe a third possible situations.

Most likely situation is his participation in Robby Gordon’s Super Stadium Trucks deal.

Paul Tracy, Dragon Racing
Paul Tracy, Dragon Racing

Photo by: Covy Moore

He took part in the Toronto round of this exhibition series, with backing from SportsNet, a Canadian Sports Channel, whom he was also an on air-broadcaster for that weekend.

“I’m looking forward to getting behind the wheel and kicking Robby’s butt around the track with the ‘chrome horn’ just like the old times. I have to give thanks to Robby, SportsNet Canada and KMC Wheels for giving me this opportunity. I cannot wait to get back home to Toronto,” Tracy said before the race.

And use the Chrome horn he did, sort of. He ended up plowing his truck into the wall on the front stretch, in front of thousands of fans. Tracy jumped out of the truck and ran directly to the broadcasters booth and continued to work.

Personally, I don’t see this series going anywhere. The addition of Tracy brings it a bit of Canadian star power. These trucks need to be on dirt. That’s just my opinion.

The second situation is the Indy 500 theory. With hardly over 20 good full time IndyCar entries, this means there will need to be at least 10 Indy 500 only rides at this year’s race.

Paul Tracy, Dragon Racing
Paul Tracy, Dragon Racing

Photo by: Eric Gilbert

A few of them are filled. The race is going to be full of great storylines. Kurt Busch Jacques Villeneuve will be covered heavily. Tagliani’s presence in the race brings the Canadian count to 3, and Tracy knows this. Until he can win a 500, the ‘Speedway will always be a pain in the career for the Canadian standout. He was robbed in 2002, and if he can have another chance at the big prize he will take it. What kind of funding could Tracy put together to give it another shot? What about available cars? There will be a better number of cars available to the grid this year, and we need 33 starters for May in Indy.

I personally would love to see Tracy back at Indy. Give him the car for the road race too.

The final theory, and this is just a bone headed theory of mine, that I am not even going to attempt to substantiate. But…here goes.

Global Rally Cross. He was a potential driver for a Dreyer and Reinbold entry last season. That series is gaining momentum, and goes to some pretty neat venues. But. Like I said. That last one is just my long shot.

So, only time will tell what Tracy is up to. Where do you want to see him go this year?

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