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Long Beach


James Hinchcliffe, Newman/Haas Racing
James Hinchcliffe, Newman/Haas Racing

Photo by: Bob Heathcote

Oriol Servia, No. 2 Telemundo Dallara/Honda/Firestone: “We put new tires on the car this morning and I tried to push it a bit too early, too soon and crashed but the mechanics repaired the car and, as always has been the case at Newman/Haas, I had no doubt in my mind that the car was going to be perfect and it was. It was a great qualifying effort, not only for us but for the whole Indy car paddock. It’s great to add a little bit of Telemundo blue to the front instead of all those red cars that we’ve been seeing for a few years. I’m very happy to be starting in the second row. We started in the third row last week and second row this week. We are definitely getting closer to the front where we want to be and where this team has always been. Newman/Haas is the winningest team at this track and I finished second in 2007 so if together we can just improve a little bit, we can get to the top.”

James Hinchcliffe, No. 06 Sprott Dallara/Honda/Firestone: “Maybe we spoiled ourselves a little last week by getting inside top top-10. When I think of the fact that it’s my first time in an Indy car on a street course and the troubles we had yesterday, I guess we can be too upset but I think we had more in the Sprott car. We set a really good time in Round 1 and tried to make a change to make the car better in Round 2 and it made it a little worse and still had the same lap time so I think if we had the same balance with the second set of red Firestone and found more time in myself, the car was quite good as Oriol proved. Congrats to him on a second row start; I think that’s great. We did a reasonable job and being the top rookie in qualifying is nothing to frown upon but we definitely would have liked to be in the top-10. The speed was there and we just didn’t put it together today. If you get a little bit of traffic from guys just trying to find a gap, it throws off the rhythm a bit. It’s a long race tomorrow and we just have to get through those restarts and be there at the end.”

-source: nhr

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