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"Larry Foyt and Healthy Child Healthy World to Join Full Speed 2 a Cure Campaign" Charlotte, NC, 5/14/09 - Emerson and Olivia Newton-John are thrilled to welcome Larry Foyt and "Healthy Child Healthy World" to the "Full Speed 2 a ...

"Larry Foyt and Healthy Child Healthy World to Join Full Speed 2 a Cure Campaign"

Charlotte, NC, 5/14/09 - Emerson and Olivia Newton-John are thrilled to welcome Larry Foyt and "Healthy Child Healthy World" to the "Full Speed 2 a Cure" campaign for 2009 and beyond.

Larry Foyt, racecar driver and current Team Director of A.J. Foyt Racing ( in the Indy Car Series, will use his passion to make a difference in this world, to help raise awareness of the environmental toxins that surround children daily, and the threat that exposure may lead to many types of childhood cancers. "I've been looking for a way to give back, and joining the "Full Speed 2 a Cure" campaign is the perfect fit for me," said Foyt. "It utilizes both motorsports and the entertainment business to raise awareness for all types of cancers, and I'm excited to help Emerson and Olivia achieve their goals. I believe this campaign will take off and bring attention to this important cause in a unique and powerful way."

"Healthy Child Healthy World" ( is the leading national nonprofit advocating to protect young children from harmful chemicals in our environment. Uniting the country's leading scientists, pediatricians and celebrity parents, they are igniting a movement of inspired parents to embrace prevention as the key to eliminating exposures that can cause illness and disease. Through direct outreach and education to parents and communities, Healthy Child educates the public about simple ways to create healthy, safe, non-toxic environments for children. As Founding Board Member Olivia Newton-John ( enthuses, "Healthy Child - Healthy World! The 2 are so intricately intertwined - a reflection of each other - and this has been our goal since this organization was started 18 years ago."

The "Full Speed 2 a Cure" ( team has decided to expand on its breast health awareness goals (, to also include raising awareness of all forms of the disease. Overtime, they will grow to have different sports and "Hollywood" personalities representing a specific type of cancer that they are most passionate about creating awareness for.

As a globally recognized ambassador for cancer awareness and prevention, Olivia Newton-John is excited to have Larry Foyt and "Healthy Child" join the campaign spearheaded by her racecar driver nephew, Emerson Newton-John. "I am thrilled that Larry Foyt and "Health Child" have joined the "Full Speed 2 A Cure" Campaign," says Newton-John. "Cancer is something that affects everyone, from all walks of life, and with the resources that the Foyts and "Healthy Child" can bring, we are sure to spread the word about the importance of awareness and early detection to an even broader group of people."

After coming off of two very successful tests in Europe in an FIA GT Series GT1 car, Emerson Newton-John is brimming with confidence. "I couldn't be more ready to get back racing and blow the top off of this powerful campaign. Having my friend, Larry Foyt, joining forces with "Healthy Child" to raise awareness for children's environmental health concerns, is a powerful addition to "Full Speed 2 a Cure". Of all the racing family names to be taking part in what we are doing, I couldn't have asked for a better one than the Foyts!! And as a father of two, I love the fact that we can work with such a great non-profit, to educate parents on the importance of a non-toxic environment for their children."

The campaign moves forward with no time to waste. A fundraiser will be held on May 19 th at downtown Indianapolis's popular nightspot, 6 Lounge and Restaurant ( "Full Speed 2 a Cure" will also make a kid's dream come true on May 24th, when they invite Austin Rachac, who bravely is battling cancer, to be a guest of Emerson Newton-John and Larry Foyt at the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500. A special thanks to Dr. Ernie Bodai and Kaiser-Permanente (, for helping us to make Austin's dream come true.

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