IRL: WDW testing notes 95-12-05

(This is the fifth in a series of daily reports on Indy Racing League testing at the new one-mile Walt Disney World Speedway oval. The reports will continue through Friday.) GREGOIRE RETURNS; RUTHERFORD SIZES UP IRL ROOKIES ORLANDO, Dec. 5,...

(This is the fifth in a series of daily reports on Indy Racing League testing at the new one-mile Walt Disney World Speedway oval. The reports will continue through Friday.)


ORLANDO, Dec. 5, 1995 -- For Stephan Gregoire, the past two days near Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom have been, well...magic.

Gregoire was a 24-year-old road racer from Vittel, France in 1993 when he boarded a plane for his first visit to the U.S., first look in person at an Indianapolis car, first time at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and first Indianapolis 500.

He looked at the Dick Simon Racing-prepared machine, sat in it, drove it, qualified it for 15th starting spot and led the 18th lap of the world's greatest auto race.

Since then, there's been no ride for him. Now 26, he's signed with Hemelgarn Racing for an Indy Racing League program and he has participated in IRL tests the past two days at the one-mile Walt Disney World Speedway oval.

"It was like a dream for me," Gregoire said of his 1993 month of May. "Everything was good. I had enough time to get comfortable because Indy is three weeks. I had a very good team, very good car. I did it step-by-step." He's taking it step-by-step here as he rekindles his Indianapolis desires with a veteran team.

"I like the track," Gregoire said. "Of course, it's the first time I've driven on a short oval. So it's difficult for me to compare. This is only familiarization to make me comfortable. We begin testing to try to go fast in Phoenix. Then we come back here.

"I need to drive, drive, drive for myself because I didn't drive for two years. I just want to take my mistakes in my first test. It'll be okay."

On his first day in the area, he visited Cape Canaveral. On Wednesday, he plans to take a closer look at Disney World.

"Here, it's magic," Gregoire said. "It's so big. I didn't know it was so big. Now I understand why everybody is talking about Disney. I haven't gone to Disney in Paris. It's good to have a track here...very good."


Three-time Indianapolis 500 winner Johnny Rutherford, now special projects coordinator for the IRL, got his first look Monday and Tuesday at the new crop of drivers who will be competing in the IRL's inaugural season.

"There's one word that sums them up," said Lone Star J.R. "Impressive. They have all listened well. They are all experienced in their own right. They're drivers who have dreams and desires to run Indianapolis cars. They're finally getting the opportunity, and it's apparent that they're appreciative. Some are able to go faster than others. I haven't seen anyone careless or reckless."

Here's what he had to say about them individually:

ABOUT RICHIE HEARN: "He's the quickest of the new drivers. Richie's been impressive in anything he's driven. He has equally impressed us with the Indianapolis car. He was champion of the Atlantic series this year and earned it in the last race of the season. He said it's easier to drive the Indianapolis car than the Atlantic because you have the power. He shows aptitude and attitude."

ABOUT BUZZ CALKINS: "Buzz is another one of those guys who's paid his dues and shown great desire and aptitude. Like Richie, he said the power of the Indianapolis car makes it easier to accomplish what he's trying to do. He's come here to a demanding new race track and shown very well."

ABOUT STAN WATTLES: "He's a driver of what we would consider having limited experience. He's taken to the Indianapolis car and this race track with a reserved vigor. Yesterday, another car -- driven by a veteran -- passed him and pulled away and he didn't stick it in the fence trying to keep up. He stayed with the mission of learning the trade of driving an Indianapolis car."

ABOUT GREGOIRE: "He's had a limited run so far. It's been methodical and he's getting accustomed to the track and his car. He's about where he should be. His past exploits with making the Indianapolis 500 the first time he saw one of these cars proves he's plenty capable. He just needs some time."

ABOUT MICHELE ALBORETO: "He's impressive. The guy's got plenty of credentials. It's just a matter of adjusting to the Indianapolis car. He's adapted well and he's proven himself in Formula One and other series. He seems to be excited about Indianapolis cars and learning this type of circuit."



                                                  NUM     BEST      BEST
DRIVER                  TEAM                     LAPS     TIME     SPEED
Richie Hearn            DellaPenna Motorsports    112    19.933   180.605
Scott Brayton           Team Menard               129    20.014   179.874
Eliseo Salazar          Scandia/Simon Racing       86    20.170   178.874
Buzz Calkins            Bradley Motorsports       117    20.431   176.203
Michele Alboreto        Scandia/Simon Racing       46    20.664   174.216
Stefan Gregoire         Hemelgarn Racing           68    20.818   172.927
Stan Wattles            Leigh Miller Racing       125    20.904   172.216
Bill Tempero            Tempero Racing             17    23.065   156.081
Roberto Guerrero        Pagan Racing                8    28.436   126.600
John Paul Jr.           Brickell Racing            11    29.247   123.090


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