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Host: Gary Guehler Guests: Felipe Giaffone and Sam Hornish Jr. Gary Guehler: All right, we have the second and third-place winners of the race. Sam Hornish and for a first, Felipe, third place. Until everything happened in the end, everything...

Host: Gary Guehler Guests: Felipe Giaffone and Sam Hornish Jr.

Gary Guehler: All right, we have the second and third-place winners of the race. Sam Hornish and for a first, Felipe, third place. Until everything happened in the end, everything was happening in front of you. Tell us a little bit about your race and just some of your impressions, everything that was going on tonight.

Giaffone: I'm really happy for the team. They gave me a really good car, we were right there; and unfortunately, we have this incident, so I'm just not -- I'm a little bit unhappy because as -- I think Hornish, he was right there, he as another car coming and I'm pretty sure I finished second. I mean, I pass him over here like in before turn one. And with all the incident, I think we both back off pretty much, then he went to control, he not even pass me and squeeze me to the left, and I think put me under the bi-line. And then made an important -- sorry, Hornish, it's just -- I mean, I don't think it was fair. We had, like this was the third situation that I had with you out there, was just, I mean, the first one was in the outside when you pass me, I don't know, one lap you push me to the wall and -- out of turn four, and then I had a problem, I got really loose when you pushed me inside again turn -- before turn three over here. So I had no problem with anybody else. I mean, it just I think Sam was a little bit too aggressive. Sorry.

Guehler: Sam, tell us a little bit about your race and you were in that lead pack right there at the end. Any strategy you were having or were you looking for a hole?

Hornish: Looking for a hole. When you got a car that came a little, you know, finish in the top five, we were real close on that, and just take whatever you can get. Basically, as far as you can put it. You know, we had a car that we were fastest if we were running behind somebody, but we just didn't have the motor to go out front; and, you know, people make it hard to pass out there. There's two sides to every situation, everybody's not happy with everybody else at this point in time either.

Guehler: What about, Sam, still the point leader with the IRL and second place finish. Just look back at the season as a whole and how tonight's fitting in. You've had a couple of wins and some other great finishes.

Hornish: We're -- with the exception of Indy, we're pretty happy with how the year is going so far, as least I am. I'm a little bit disappointed about that, still, but move onto another race. And next week we go to, you know, back to Pikes Peak, a short track, where we'll be fast, I think, and Richmond after that. And we're really excited about how the year has been going, we wish we could have extended that point out a little bit there in Indy, but you take what you can get every day you're out in the racetrack. And the guys did an awesome job for me in the pits, got me the lead once and, you know, moved me up a couple of positions each time we were in there; so I'm real happy about that and work together as a team today. We did everything that we had to do to go out there and maintain our points lead and actually grow on that a little bit.

Guehler: Felipe, this is your best finish of the year, third place, you've got five top ten finishes. Is this the progression to get up and get that first victory?

Giaffone: Yeah, I think so. I mean, we're going to Pikes Peak, we test there, the car is really good there, and I think -- I mean, from now on it's only going to get better, I hope so, I mean we're -- it's such a good progress. I am getting used to the car and with the team, with my engineer and they're doing a great job for me, you know; and -- but, I don't know, we've got to have a really good car to be up there and that's what I had so far.

I'm curious, could you both address the track how you felt on it and the banking as whole now that you're -

Guehler: Either one?

Yeah, both.

Guehler: Both, go ahead. Sam?

Hornish: The track puts on some good racing. It's hard to gain an advantage over another car out there because of how much banking there is in the track, so it's not as much as a handling, I don't think, as motor-wise as where you can gain the advantages at, and you like some close racing, again. On the other hand you get the excitement of whirlwind racing, but sometimes, as you saw at the end of the racing, you get the downfalls of it, where you have cars running close together and, you know, sometimes there's just not enough room and to, you know. As far as qualifying and racing goes here, it's always going to be a little faster in the race because it's just like a whirlwind in there, you have 24 cars going around 200 miles an hour and the wind just keeps speeding up. And that's another thing that you have to be good in judging, as far as what gear you need in the car.

Giaffone: I think for me, I mean, it's a really nice racetrack. It deserves a little bit more -- to be more, I would say, careful out there, you know, just because it's a really close racetrack, and we felt a draft. I mean, it's easy to stay behind and easy to go on the outside and inside, so but pretty much we have to respect each other more than the other tracks, just because it's, I mean, the pack. It's a lot bigger over here than like in one-mile oval, like Indy, where you don't have like two lanes, you know, it's pretty much one lane. So it's -- it's a different track. I mean, it's -- it's -- I mean, everybody has to be really keep the attention with the eye, you know, just because it's -- it's really close. I mean, I had close calls, I think like four or five times that I almost crash, you know, sometimes close, somebody break down in front of you and have a lot of room, you know, so it's -- it goes a little bit by the luck of the draw.

Felipe, is your team going to contest second and third, since Sam said that he got by you to keep from running into the back of you and you're saying that he passed under caution, are you going to contest the placing?

Giaffone: You had a car coming at you?

Hornish: Yeah.

Giaffone: I think if you go back there, I'm pretty sure that -- I mean, what happen is -- I mean, what I'm telling you you're going to see the car coming, I pass him at maybe a little bit before, a little bit after the start/finish line and then I was like way ahead of him and even like in low, if I'm not wrong, I was like -- it was not side-by-side, I was way ahead of him, even because I pass him -- did I pass you on the outside or inside?

Hornish: Outside.

Giaffone: Outside. So I pass on the outside and then I drop and then he pass me on the backstretch on the outside, so he was came behind me and then pass me on the outside and squeeze me -- I mean, the crash at this point was --

Hornish: There was a car coming down the track so I could either run into you or run into the other car.

Giaffone: What happened.

Hornish: I have with two wheels going around.

Giaffone: What happened, I was already in low, you just keep going here, I mean, if -- if I was here and you were here, you could stay just where you were before, you know, I mean. It -- if we go back to the tape, I mean as he said, he was just trying to avoid a car, that means that the course was under yellow already, you know, so I mean -- but I'm not -- I'm not going to take this just -- just hope that everybody's going to take a close look and then we go from there.

Sam, in October you were introduced as the Pennzoil driver. Talk about what difference it makes to come in a car that's won twice here previously.

Hornish: It has a little more pressure based on the fact that Panther has a broken past here, we were kind of expected to win because Scott Goodyear came out here and won the race last year; but I don't know, I try not to take any of that pressure. Just use the benefits of the team, having a good setup and we just missed a little bit tonight; but I'm sure things will change by the time we're back here in -- you know, and that's the -- the thing is all the teams keep stepping up a little bit more and a little bit more and makes it a little bit closer racing, and there's got to be spot-on anymore, you just can't have a -- have a car that's mediocre and go out there and stay out of trouble all day and make, you know -- it's -- it's hard racing out there. Everybody wants to go out there and win. There's only so much room between one wall and the other wall. There's times out there today when, you know, I probably wasn't happy with whatever everybody else did. I got pinched out a couple of times, too; so you have to, you know, take that as that's how it is. I mean, that's racing. Brian has a problem with it, Brian will, you know, come and address the situation the best he can.

When you guys, top three guys were going at it, they went three wide in turn three here, were you guys just sitting there expecting something to happen, like for all of it to happen?

Hornish: When the lead was up there and I was trying to fit and trying to stay in the lead draft, I kept backing off in the corners because they're going three wide. And I think they touched a couple of times even before there was an accident. It's a lot of tight racing out there. Those guys want to all go out there and win. There were three cars that were pretty much equal, as far as speed goes and could do the same things; they were down below the white line, they were kicking up dust. It's pretty exciting to watch from where I was at; but, you know, that's one of those things where things happen so fast around here, you've got to move back and watch everything going on or you're going to be collecting when it happens, too.

Guehler: Any other questions? If not, Felipe, third place in the Hollywood Special, Pennzoil Panther; second for Sam Hornish. They'll be available for one-on-ones here if you need them, and Scott Sharp and them will be several minutes. They had victory lane ceremony, a little bit additional type. Scott will be in here for his winner's interview. Congratulations, guys.


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