IRL: Texas Scott Goodyear Qualifying Report

The Pennzoil Panther G-Force/Aurora/Goodyear ...

The Pennzoil Panther G-Force/Aurora/Goodyear #4 car driven by Scott Goodyear qualified 3rd fastest at 216.036 miles per hour for this Sundays 500. The qualifying effort earned Goodyear and the Panther Pack 1 point in the hunt for the championship. "We've had a great car so far this weekend but I did feel like there was something a little bit off in my qualifying attempt. I've still got alot of confidence in the car and think that we're in great shape for the race. We need to go out there and just win this race" said Goodyear after his attempt. Greg Ray, current points leader, won the pole at 216.107 miles per hour and earned 3 points.

The Pennzoil Panther G-Force/Aurora/Goodyear #4 car won 3rd place honors in the Tokheim "Best Looking Indy Racing League Car of the Year" in a season long contest. The car was designed by Sam Bass. The winning car, #7 Dick Simon Racing-Mexmil-Tokheim-Viking Air Tools, was also designed by Sam Bass.

The "Pack" has set a precedence this year when qualifying 3rd. In Phoenix of March of this year Goodyear and the Pack qualified 3rd and went on to win the race.

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