IRL: Sarah Fisher qualifies 13th for third IRL race

Las Vegas, April 21, 2000 - Walker Racing driver Sarah Fisher in the ...

Las Vegas, April 21, 2000 - Walker Racing driver Sarah Fisher in the #15 Cummins Special qualified in 13th position for her third Indy Racing Northern Light Series race today. Fisher had a fast lap of 204.151 mph, 26.451 seconds. Her time was .552 seconds behind that of the pole sitter.

"Qualifying went very smoothly today," said Fisher. "I got the car up to speed faster than I had been and I think that helped me out. Derrick (Walker) wanted me to speed up on the warm ups out there, it helps get the tire pressures up. So I went out there and got on the gas really early and I think that helped me during qualifying. On the first time around I gave it a really solid lap to get it in the show and then on the second one I twisted her up and let her go a little wider than she needs to be on a race day. To get a 204 (mph) after we've been getting 202's all weekend is wonderful. I have to give a lot of credit to my engineer Rob Edwards and my team, we made a lot of changes to the car after practice this morning and they got the car set up really well."

The rookie driver took her Indy Racing drivers test at LVMS in 1999 and also ran here during the IRL's Test in the West in March of this year.

"I'm really comfortable here. Las Vegas Motor Speedway is a great track "said Sarah. "I've had a lot of laps here, comparatively speaking. We're looking forward to race day tomorrow and our goal is to have a top ten finish. When we came here this weekend our focus was on the race, not qualifying. I'm glad we qualified well, but our focus is still on where we end up at the end of the day tomorrow."

The Vegas Indy 300 race will be televised live on ABC at 3:30 p.m. (EDT) on Saturday, April 22. The pre-race show "Indy Racing 2Day will be televised live at 3 p.m. on ESPN2.

Walker Racing's Indy Racing Northern Light Series corporate sponsor partners are Cummins, Mead,, St. Elmo Steakhouse and Firestone.

Friendly Rivalry - Walker Racing is the only open-wheel team to compete full time in both the Indy Racing Northern Light Series and the CART FedEx Championship Series. Both "crews" are competing in an on-going "friendly" rivalry that was started by team owner Derrick Walker and team manager Rob Edwards. The competition consists of keeping track of the total time in the pits during each race that the teams compete in. Since the CART Walker "team" won the pit stop competition in Long Beach, California last weekend, the IRL Walker "crew" faces a challenge this weekend at Las Vegas. "Basically the contest started back in our race shop," said IRL Chief Mechanic Ron Catt. Both of our crews practice pit stops in the garage and we always kidded each other about who was faster. So Derrick decided to "inspire" us at the racetrack by starting a friendly challenge. The only thing we don't know about the contest yet is what prize Derrick intends to give us!"

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