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Robby McGehee, driver of the #55 Energizer Motorsports entry on the Pep Boys Indy Racing League circuit, today announced that his primary car from the 1999 season -- nicknamed "Ernie" -- has been posted for sale on the Internet trading site hosted by E-bay.

The team reached the decision to sell the car following several recent Internet sales of racing-related items, including IRL driver Jeff Ward's Yahoo-sponsored entry just this past week.

"There seems to be a lot of interest in racing collectibles that feature visible and popular sponsors," said McGehee, "and our car, with the Energizer graphics, certainly falls into that category."

"Ernie" features a unique and illustrious history, as well. It was a brand new 1997 Dallara chassis when originally purchased by A.J. Foyt. Foyt sold it to Greg Ray for his rookie IRL effort in 1998, when Ray qualified on the front row at the Indy 500, and narrowly lost a thrilling shootout for the victory at Texas Motor Speedway two weeks later.

This year, McGehee piloted the car to a fifth-place finish at Indy -- where he was named the Indianapolis 500 Rookie of the Year -- and led 17 laps at the "Monster Mile" in Dover as an IRL rookie.

"We talked about selling 'Bert' -- our backup car -- but felt that 'Ernie' offered greater historical value to collectors," said the 26-year-old McGehee, runner-up in the season-long Sprint PCS Rookie of the Year battle for 1999. "In only three years, this car has been owned by A.J. Foyt, who is arguably the greatest racer of all time; Greg Ray, this year's Indy Racing League champion; and the 1999 Indy 500 Rookie of the Year. That's pretty amazing when you think about it."

Black in color and sporting the number 55, "Ernie" prominently features the bright red and yellow graphics and logo of Energizer, as well as a large pink Energizer Bunny on each side of the engine cowling. While the exact mileage is not documented all the way back to 1997, McGehee is certain that it is well below 20,000 miles.

"You could call it the equivalent of highway mileage, driving at high speeds for long stretches," noted McGehee, "so I guess that would ma it a real cream puff."

Those interested in bidding for "Ernie" may do so on the E-bay website at

The minimum bid is $150,000, and the car is offered for sale until October 31.

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