IRL: Riley & Scott debut new chassis

IRL: Riley & Scott debut new chassis
Jul 25, 1997, 5:32 AM

RILEY & SCOTT DEBUTS ITS IRL CHASSIS Kelley Racing receives delivery of first R&S MK V IRL car at Charlotte Race (Charlotte, NC) -- Riley & Scott, Inc., the Indianapolis based manufacturer of the championship winning ...

RILEY & SCOTT DEBUTS ITS IRL CHASSIS Kelley Racing receives delivery of first R&S MK V IRL car at Charlotte Race

(Charlotte, NC) -- Riley & Scott, Inc., the Indianapolis based manufacturer of the championship winning Trans-Ams and World SportsCars, delivered chassis number #001 to its new car owner today at the IRL VisionAire 500. Bob Riley, Mark Scott and Bill Riley of Riley & Scott, Inc., "handed the keys over" to Tom Kelley of Kelley Racing and his driver, Mark Dismore, at the 5pm press conference at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

"Since my initial discussions with Tony George and Riley & Scott, I've felt that if I was going to be in the IRL business, this would be the way to do it," said a delighted Tom Kelley, Car and Team Owner, Kelley Racing. "I was very impressed with what I saw at their shop when we first started discussions and I'm very impressed now."

"I have always believed that our preparation is one of our greatest strengths as a company," commented Mark Scott, Vice-President, Riley & Scott, Inc. "We've been champing at the bit to get here earlier, but it is always better to do the job right the first time."

The R&S MK V is the only American designed and built car competing in the IRL. It seems fitting, therefore, that this first ever American IRL chassis would also be designed by Bob Riley whose 1977 Coyote was the last all-American race car to win the Indy 500. With that same hope in the mind of its customers, Riley & Scott already has nine chassis on order.

"It has always been our vision at Riley & Scott to build, sell and race Indy cars," spoke Bob Riley, President, Riley & Scott, Inc. "I'm anxious to compete against such respected car constructors as Dallara and G Force. I'm anticipating a great year."

Though Riley & Scott is naturally keeping many design changes under wraps, the R&S MK V machine will be immediately and noticeably different to the eye. Unlike its flat paneled competitors, the air scoop of the R&S MK V has been shaped in tiered fashion. Additionally, pulling from its successful development in the R&S MK III World SportsCar, the under skin of the R&S MK V will include the famous "Riley Rocker" which strokes the shocks and springs at different rates whereby enhancing the mechanical grip.

"There is always just one more adaptation you could consider making," said Bill Riley, Chief Design Engineer, Riley & Scott, Inc. "We have the advantage of learning from our other successful race designs as well as leaning on our engineering experience, so, at the end of the day, we feel fairly confident that our chassis will perform well straight out of the box."

Test schedules of the car are planned by Kelley Racing, PDM Racing and Metro Racing Systems throughout August. Chassis 001 and 002 owners, Kelley Racing and PDM Racing, plan to debut their cars in full race trim at the Pennzoil 200 at New Hampshire International Speedway.

"We've been very competitive and consistently fast on the ovals, " spoke Mark Dismore, Driver, Kelley Racing. "I'm ready to win some races. I think this new car design is a big step in that direction."

Metro Racing Systems and team owner/driver Stan Wattles will receive chassis 003 on August 18th. The team will start testing in late August and hopes to be ready for the Las Vegas 500k in October.

"Riley & Scott have a terrific reputation for producing winning chassis, and the MK V looks like another winner," said Wattles. "I'm really looking forward to receiving the chassis, and I'm extremely anxious to get back on the track and see what it's about."

Riley & Scott, Inc., engineers and manufactures award winning designs worldwide for the race, pre-production and prototype automotive industries.

Founded by Bob Riley and Mark Scott in 1990, Riley & Scott's winning designs include pre-production automotive prototypes, its championship winning race cars, the R&S MK I and R&S MK III which compete in the Trans Am and World SportsCar series respectively, as well as the newly introduced R&S MK V IRL car. Riley & Scott has also recently made available to the marketplace its first street legal vehicle, the R&S Hunter MK II Roadster.

Uniquely able to service its customers from the concept to the competitive arenas, Riley & Scott's new 56,000 square foot factory reflects the company's commitment to providing full service, one stop design, engineering and manufacturing support to its race and automotive customers. In conjunction with the race team facility located on Gasoline Alley, the new Speedway, Indiana complex will house the design, engineering, composite departments, a CNC Machine shop and fully outfitted steel fabrication facility.

For more information, contact Riley & Scott, Inc., at (317)248-9470 or visit the Riley & Scott website at http://www.riley& # # #

QUICK FACTS R&S MK V IRL Project Personnel Bob Riley, President Mark Scott, Vice-President Bill Riley, Chief Design Engineer Chris Finch, Project Engineer Jim Eccles, Parts Department

General Specification Information Chassis: Carbon Fiber & Aluminum Honeycomb Monocoque Suspension: Unequal Wishbones Front And Rear Pushrod Activated Non Coil Over Shocks And Springs Drive Train: EMCO IRL 6 Speed Gearbox Bellhousing: Bonded High Strength Aluminum Brakes: 4 Piston Alcon Calipers, Iron Rotors Wheels: BBS Forged Magnesium Weight: 1620 Pounds Dimensions: IRL Specifications Chassis Owners Chassis # Car Owner Team Scheduled Driver 001 Tom Kelley Kelley Racing Mark Dismore 002 PDM Racing PDM Racing John Paul, Jr. 003 Metro Racing Systems Metro Racing Systems Stan Wattles 004 Bob Nienhouse Nienhouse Motorsports Mike Shank 005 Tom Kelley Kelley Racing TBD 006 Gary Peterson Intercar Motorsports Gary Peterson 007-009 To Be Announced

Crash Test The R&S MK V IRL chassis was successfully crashed tested in Phoenix, Arizona by FAA, Inc., on Friday, July 11th. .

Upcoming Test Information Extensive testing will begin immediately following the Charlotte IRL race.

Race Schedules Mark Dismore and Kelley Racing will debut the R&S MK V IRL car at the Pennzoil 200 at New Hampshire International Speedway. Metro Racing Systems is slated to race its R&S MK V IRL car at the Las Vegas 500K in September.

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