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SATURDAY MARCH 21 NOTES Pit speed limit for the Dura-Lube 200 Sunday will be 60 miles an hour. Honorary starter for the Dura-Lube 200 Sunday will be Mark Page, senior vice president of operations for Pep Boys. The starting command for the ...


Pit speed limit for the Dura-Lube 200 Sunday will be 60 miles an hour. Honorary starter for the Dura-Lube 200 Sunday will be Mark Page, senior vice president of operations for Pep Boys. The starting command for the Dura-Lube 200 will be given by Sonny Howard, CEO of Dura-Lube.

DURA-LUBE 200 MORNING PRACTICE: 8:55 a.m. -- Temperature was 62 degrees and track temperature was 73 degrees, according to Firestone tire engineers. 8:55 a.m. -- GREEN. 9 a.m. -- #1 Stewart turned a lap at 169.030, fastest of session. #1 Stewart turned a lap at 170.608, fastest of session. #1 Stewart turned a lap at 171.846, fastest of weekend. #28 Dismore turned a lap at 168.122, second fastest of session and his own fastest of weekend. 9:01 a.m. -- YELLOW, track inspection for debris, #44 Yeley had run over object. 9:05 a.m. -- GREEN.

DURA-LUBE 200 MORNING PRACTICE NOTES (continued): 9:12 a.m. -- #28 Dismore turned a lap at 168.279, second fastest of session. 9:13 a.m. -- #27 R. Groff checked in pits for loose duct tape. 9:14 a.m. -- #7 Kite turned a lap at 171.192, second fastest of weekend and becoming the second driver to better last year's pole speed.

NOTE: Billy Boat brought his car to pit road early in the session and the Foyt team quickly took the machine to the garage area.

BOAT: "It's something in the motor. It didn't break but it was making a noise, so I brought it in."

9:15 a.m. -- #6 Hamilton turned a lap at 168.998, third fastest of session and fifth fastest of weekend. 9:21 a.m. -- #14 Brack turned a lap at 170.173, third fastest of session and becoming third driver to better last year's pole speed. 9:23 a.m. -- #6 Hamilton turned a lap at 169.412, fourth fastest of session, fifth fastest of weekend. #1 Stewart turned a lap at 172.307, fastest of weekend. 9:26 a.m. -- YELLOW, #97 Ray spun, no contact, Turn 2. 9:30 a.m. -- Temperature was 66 degrees and track temperature was 79 degrees, according to Firestone tire engineers. 9:33 a.m. -- GREEN. 9:37 a.m. -- #44 Yeley turned a lap at 169.507, fourth fastest of session. 9:41 a.m. -- END OF SESSION.

DURA-LUBE 200 MORNING PRACTICE, SECOND GROUP: 9:53 a.m. -- #91 Lazier turned a lap at 169.883, fourth fastest of day. 9:56 a.m. -- #11T Boat turned a lap at 170.681, third fastest of weekend. 9:59 a.m. -- #35 Ward turned a lap at 170.406, fifth fastest of weekend and fifth driver to exceed last year's pole speed. 10 a.m. -- Temperature was 68 degrees and track temperature was 92 degrees, according to Firestone tire engineers. 10:20 a.m. -- #8 Sharp turned a lap at 170.173, sixth fastest of the day and becoming the sixth driver to better last year's pole speed. 10:21 a.m. -- YELLOW, #22 Steele hit wall in Turn 2. END OF SESSION.

Six drivers have now exceeded Tony Stewart's pole speed from 1997 of 170.012. They are: #1 Tony Stewart (172.307), #7 Jimmy Kite (171.192), #11T Billy Boat (170.681), #14 Kenny Brack (170.576), #35 Jeff Ward (170.406) and #8 Scott Sharp (170.179).

David Steele was evaluated and released from the infield care center. The car sustained suspension damage to the left rear corner and gearbox. Steele did a quarter-spin, backed into the wall with left rear. STEELE: "I hit the wall."

Former Trans-Am Rookie of the Year and current Indy Lights driver Mike Borkowski is at Phoenix International Raceway this weekend as a guest of IKON Office Solutions. "My goal is to do Indy car racing," Borkowski said. "I like the variety of ovals and road racing but I love racing and winning more. There are many opportunities in the IRL and CART series and I would be inclined to go to the best team, regardless of the series, where I have the best chance to win."

Dennis Weglarz, Oldsmobile Specialty Vehicle Manager: "Oldsmobile engines have won the pole at the last nine IRL events and we hope to extend the IRL Aurora V8's pole-winning streak to 10 today. Because qualifying was rained out in Orlando, Oldsmobile's contingency award for the polewinner has been doubled to $5,000 today. Oldsmobile Division and the Valley Oldsmobile dealers are delighted to sponsor Oldsmobile Pole Day at the Dura-Lube 200."

The #30 car driven this weekend by Raul Boesel for McCormack Motorsports is the only new IRL machine that has competed in all nine races to date with the new IRL formula. The car was driven by Jeret Schroder at Walt Disney World and Phoenix in 1997, by Robbie Groff the remainder of the 1996-97 season and by Boesel at Walt Disney World in January.

DURA-LUBE 200 PEP BOYS INDY RACING LEAGUE QUALIFYING CHRONOLOGY: Track Record: 19.608 seconds, 183.599 miles an hour by Arie Luyendyk on March 23, 1996. Pole Speed in 1997: 21.176 seconds, 170.012 miles an hour by Tony Stewart, March 22, 1997. Noon -- Temperature was 74 degrees and track temperature was 109 degrees, according to Firestone tire engineers.

TIME QUAL CAR DRIVER TIMESPEEDTIMESPEEDSPEED OF DAY ATTP NO. RANK 12:04 1 20 Tyce Carlson 23.244 154.879 23.660 154.1101 12:06 53 Jim GuthrieTwo warmups, did not take green 12:08 2 97 Greg Ray 22.003 163.614 21.441 167.9031 12:10 3 27 Robbie Groff 21.957 163.957 22.062 163.1772 12:12 4 28 Mark Dismore 21.530 167.209 21.274 169.2211 12:14 5 15 Eliseo Salazar 21.116 170.487 21.023 171.2411 (first driver to better 1997 pole speed) 12:16 6 44 J.J. Yeley 21.258 169.348 21.163 170.1082 (second driver to better 1997 pole speed) 12:19 7 77 Stephan Gregoire 21.779 165.297 21.676 166.0825 12:22 8 7 Jimmy Kite 20.872 172.480 20.896 172.2821 (third driver to better 1997 pole speed) 12:24 9 1 Tony Stewart 21.058 170.956 20.869 172.5051 (fourth driver to better 1997 pole speed) 12:27 10 5T Arie Luyendyk 21.656 166.236 21.520 167.2867 12:29 11 19 Stan Wattles 22.364 160.973 21.997 163.659 10 12:32 12 51 Eddie Cheever Jr. 21.550 167.053 21.560 166.9768 12:35 13 21 Roberto Guerrero 21.225 169.611 21.176 170.0045 12:38 14 11 Billy Boat 21.053 170.997 20.867 172.5211 (fifth driver to better 1997 pole speed) 12:40 15 40 Dr. Jack Miller22.398 160.729 21.880 164.534 12 At 12:45 p.m., temperature was 78 degrees and track temperature was 112 degrees, according to Firestone tire engineers. 12:42 16 16 Marco Greco21.565 166.937 21.312 168.9198 12:44 17 35 Jeff Ward 20.839 172.753 21.242 169.4761 (sixth driver to better 1997 pole speed) 12:46 18 99 Sam Schmidt22.220 162.016 21.861 164.677 14 12:50 19 8T Scott Sharp21.112 170.519 21.110 170.5356 12:52 20 4 Scott Goodyear 21.267 169.276 21.340 168.6979 12:54 21 17 Brian Tyler 23.129 155.649 23.158 155.454 20 12:56 22 18 John Paul Jr. 21.626 166.466 21.624 166.482 15 12:58 23 12 Buzz Calkins 21.423 168.044 21.320 168.856 12 1:00 24 23 Paul Durant 21.974 163.830 21.865 164.647 19 1:03 25 10 Mike Groff22.185 162.272 21.838 164.850 18 1:05 26 91 Buddy Lazier 21.161 170.124 21.476 167.6297 1:07 27 30 Raul Boesel 21.249 169.420 21.235 169.531 10 (bumps #20 Carlson) 1:09 28 14 Kenny Brack 21.404 168.193 21.003 171.4045 (bumps #17 Tyler) 1:11 29 53 Jim Guthrie 22.418 160.585 21.898 164.399 25 (bumps #19 Wattles) 1:14 30 6 Davey Hamilton21.198 169.827 21.083 170.7547 (bumps #27 R. Groff) 1:16 31 3 Robbie Buhl 21.257 169.356 21.185 169.932 12 (bumps #53 Guthrie)

QUALIFYING SUSPENDED AWAITING POSSIBLE ATTEMPT BY #22 STEELE MARK DISMORE: "The aire temp is still going up so I think everyone will be struggling. For us, the car is the best it's been all weekend. We'll just keep trying to chip away at it." J.J. YELEY: "The car was great. The crew told me to take it easy, don't overdrive it. They wanted me to drive real smooth and just make the field." JIMMY KITE: "It was a pretty good lap. After my first lap, I knew I had to pick it up and I tried just a little too hard on the second lap. We got a lot of practice here and I feel very comfortable. We have a little bit of work to do on our race setup but I'm really looking forward to tomorrow." ARIE LUYENDYK: "The car wasn't all that great. It was vrey loose on the qualifying lap. We've been having trouble with handling all weekend and I'm just not very comfortable with the car. We changed the car so much from practice to qualifying, but I really needed more than two laps to shake it down." STAN WATTLES: "We haven't been below 23 seconds all weekend so this is a great lap. The car was perfect and it was nice to be on the track with no traffic. The car's pretty good right now. It should be just as hot tomorrow so the car should be just fine." ROBERTO GUERRERO: "We got a lot better. We've been struggling all weekend but I think now the car is very close. We'll run some full tanks this afternoon and make some minute changes for grip. We'll just have to see what happens tomorrow." DR. JACK MILLER: "That's the best I've ever gone here but like everyone else says, I think we left a little on the track. By going faster, I felt more 'in the car' than I normally felt and I want to change some things." MARCO GRECO: "We had very little time in practice sessions. In the last session, we had a problem with our battery so we only got about 15 minutes in. Due to this, we went conservative and made very minor changes for the qual setup. It could've been better, but then again, it could've been worse. We do think we have a good race setup." SAM SCHMIDT: "The car felt pretty good, although we've been struggling overall with the setup. Because I wasn'tr real comfortable, I ran a little conservative and maybe left about three or four-tenths in the car. I just didn't get it done on that last lap." SCOTT GOODYEAR: "I think for us the tires are good. Our problem is we weren't here at the last test session. This was the fastest all weekend for us. I think we had a fuel pickup problem on the second lap because the car misfired -- which is a shame since it would've been our quickest lap. The car looks good for tomorrow. I think our chances are good because I think there'll be a lot of attrition." BRIAN TYLER: "Not as good as we'd hoped for. My head rest wasn't snapped in correctly and it came loose, so my head was bobbling all over the place. The car didn't feel bad. I don't know where we ended up but time will tell." BUZZ CALKINS: "I think we could've been a little quicker so I'm a little disappointed. I'm happy with the car as far as the race setup is concerned, although we do have a little bit of understeer. It's become so competitive now in qualifying, a tenth or two can move you way up or way down in the field." MIKE GROFF: "Our lap wasn't that great. We're struggling and trying to get the car balanced. It's hard to get it there and keep it there. We should be able to make the car quicker for tomorrow. I'm not too concerned about the temperature, it's the same for everybody." RAUL BOESEL: "It's the fastest we've been all week. We keep improving on the car and I think we have a real good race setup. We went with this morning's setup for qualifying. The warm temperature didn't help much when you're in the back of the line but we'll be fine for tomorrow. We'll need to work a little harder to find more grip. The balance of the car was good." DAVEY HAMILTON: "We weren't able to get in any qual runs in practice. We thought with a good run we'd have a shot at pole...just didn't quite hit it. We hit the rev limiter on our laps and we didn't know how the car would run on new tires. Right now, the car is a little bit tight."

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Radio Network broadcast of Sunday's Dura-Lube 200 will be carried locally on KHEP, 1280 AM at 2 p.m. (MST). DURA-LUBE 200 PEP BOYS INDY RACING LEAGUE QUALIFYING CHRONOLOGY (final): TIME QUAL CARDRIVER TIMESPEEDTIMESPEEDSPEED OF DAY ATTP NO. RANK 1:443222 David Steele 22.190 162.235 21.809 165.069 23 (bumps #40 Miller)


ELISEO SALAZAR: "It was a bit of a gamble to move to the Riley & Scott chassis but we have a good combination. I've taken it easy this weekend, saving it for qualifying. I've been injured too many times before Indy and I wanted to make sure I was in a good position for qualifying. The car was what I expected. Of course we'll make some changes for the race but it was a good result for us." STEPHAN GREGOIRE: "We still have a lot of work to do. We made some changes after this morning's practice. It's better but still not where we need to be. We have some more work to do this afternoon but hopefully not much." TONY STEWART: "This was the best lap we've done this weekend. We were fast yesterday but not really happy. We talked about some things last night, made the changes this morning and they worked really well. I wasn't concerned when I heard Jimmy Kite's time. I knew what the car could do from our work this morning and went out and did it." EDDIE CHEEVER JR.: "I was glad to get it in. We've had a bunch of engine problems but I was glad to get this in. We've run very few laps this weekend and today we only got in 10 this morning and parked it. We wanted to save the engine and just get it in the show. We've had problems with the bearings and rods and needed to keep this one in one piece." BILLY BOAT (trackside): "I can't say enough about the whole team. AJ (Foyt) gave me some advice and my job is to listen to it and stand on the gas. We hadn't done a lap on this car so far today so you have an idea of how much confidence I have in our team. I'm sure A.J.'s doing a lap around here right now in his mind. We ran this car yesterday morning and wasn't satisfied. That was the last time I was in this car until this afternoon. We ran the backup car this morning and wasn't satisfied with that one, so we changed the motor in this car and took it out. Kenny (Brack) and I are running the same basic setup. He did pretty well with that setup this morning and I used that as well." JEFF WARD (trackside): "Qualifying isn't my forte so I'm very pleased with this lap. We had a good practice this morning and knew there was something left in the car, although we didn't know how much. This is a nice change from Orlando where we were at the back and never really got into the race." SCOTT SHARP: "We're down a few miles per hour from where we were when we tested here at the Test in the West. That's got us down a bit but we're in the race. It's not the speed that counts as much as being able to work the car in traffic. The car's handling great. We're getting through the corners really well but we're down four miles per hour at the end of the straights. We lost our first motor this weekend and our second motor was down on power. This is two different races, qualifying and the race. We'll rely on the car's handling to move us up through the field." JOHN PAUL JR.: "The laps were consistent and we got in the race. The car is tight and we need to still chase that problem. Historically, I've not been a good qualifier. Rather I'm a better racer." PAUL DURANT: "This was the best we've done all weekend. We've been down on speed so we changed the gearing, which helped. I lost fuel pressure in Turn 4 in qualifying and that hurt us, but I'm seeing progress in the team." BUDDY LAZIER: "This is a tough field. It's very close and it's getting tighter. We don't seem to have what it takes to qualify well, but we do race well. This place is tricky. You never know where the handling is going to be at the end of the race. My qualifying speed was down. I got on to the rev limiter at the ends of both straights and that cost us a half a second at both ends." JIM GUTHRIE: (after pulling in without taking green): "We've lost two motors this weekend and this is our last one. It's a new motor and I wanted to just get in a couple of laps first to see if I could really put the hammer down. We'll wait until the end of qualifying and take our two laps then." (after qualifying): "The car was loose the whole way around, both laps. At first I thought it was just the tires but it stayed that way the whole time. We took the rear wing out to make it go faster. That worked, but the balance wasn't as good. I'm confident the engine's okay. We've got that solved but the handling needs work. I hope we have enough to get in the show." ROBBIE BUHL: "We're running the Dallara chassis right now. I think it's a good race car but we haven't had a lot of laps in because of engine problems. The G Force chassis is probably the better one-mile oval car but we want to get a race in with the Dallara before Indy. We've had some good indicators of the car's capability yesterday afternoon in practice. In qualifying, I was hard on it into Turn 1 and like a lot of the others, I got into the rev limiter. I don't know how much that translated into a loss of speed. We've had engine problems all weekend but the chassis seems to be worked out." BILLY BOAT (news conference): "You've got a full field and I think that there will be a lot of drivers pushing the limits. I think this will be a close race. I thought it would take a 20-second lap to be in the hunt. If we would've had a bit more time, we might've found a little more speed. We may make a few changes. This will be a handling race. Our work with Goodyear over the winter has helped. Goodyear has a very consistent tire. A.J.'s been personally involved and has given them a lot of feedback. Traffic will play a role in this race. Track position will be important and it will be hard to make it up if you lose it. Jeff Ward really stands up in the driver's seat. I knew after practice this morning he would be a factor. He really moved up today. All weekend, I felt pretty good about this race. I've had problems but have been able to step it up with the little track time I've had. If you can win at Copper World, you have a good chance at Indy car racing. I think that holds some merit." DAVE STEELE: "I feel a little better now than when I talked to you the last time. We're still behind the eight-ball though. I have to give a lot of credit to the crew. They had to repair a busted gearbox and a left rear suspension. As hard as the crew worked, and half of them came a long way from Austria, it was the least I could do to try to put the car in the show. I have a digital readout on the dash, so I knew I wasn't in the first lap. I knew I had to hang it out on the second lap. Luckily we came through."

The defending winning driver (Jim Guthrie) and the defending winning team (Blueprint Racing with Robbie Groff) failed to make the field for the Dura-Lube 200. ISM Racing was the only multi-car team which placed one car in the show (Jeff Ward on the pole) and missed with the other car (Guthrie). It's Jeff Ward's first career pole. His previous best start was seventh last year in the Indianapolis 500, where he finished third and claimed Rookie of the Year honors. The two provisional starters are Tyce Carlson and Brian Tyler. Both earned the spots through being in the top 20 in driver points entering this event. Four drivers failed to qualify: Robbie Groff, Jim Guthrie, Dr. Jack Miller and Stan Wattles. This is the most drivers to miss an IRL show except for the Indianapolis 500.

The 8.106-mile-an-hour separation among the original 26 starters for the Dura-Lube 200 is an IRL record and the closest in 33 years for an Indy-style field in the 54-race history of the sport at Phoenix International Raceway. The previous closest IRL field was the 1997 Indianapolis 500 at 11.751 miles an hour different for 35 cars. The closest Indy-style field at P.I.R. came March 28, 1965, with A.J. Foyt on the pole and Norm Hall in 24th starting spot and the field separated by 7.469 miles an hour. It was the third Indy-style event in P.I.R. history. JEFF WARD: (about running well vs. Guthrie's effort): "Jim has been running comparable times to me. He blew an engine yesterday and had oil pressure problems today. He didn;t get much time on the track yesterday and only got about five laps this morning. His times don't reflect what he could've run if he'd had more time on the track. It could've just as easily went Jim's way as it did my way." (about residing in the Phoenix area): "I loved the heat, so hopefully it's hot tomorrow." (as he went out to qualify): "I didn't even know Boat bumped Stewart. Norm Johnson asked if I wanted to take some wing out to go for the pole but I knew I had a good car and didn't want to change it. I've never been used to laying the wings back and going for outright speed. I hit the rev limiter a couple of times so that hurt us a bit. I knew this was a good lap so I got off of it on the second lap. This is a big jump going to Indy. I'll be able to work in clean air rather than having to work our way from the back like I did at Orlando. I don't see anyone running away with the race tomorrow. All the times are pretty close. At Orlando, I was dodging bullets all day long. I don't have to want to do that again." DR. JACK MILLER: "It's a disappointment going into Indy but we'll just have to work hard to get ready. I was going full out but that's just all the engine had today. It was so close. It's discouraging to be 27th closest out of 32 and still not make the show." A.J. FOYT: "I think qualifying went damned good for Billy when you stop and think he hadn't been in the car since yesterday morning. Yesterday for the second practice we went out and had no oil pressure. The car was performing beautifully before then. So we changed the motor and this morning we went out there and broke the timing chain just as we started it up. Then we took the T-car out and ran third. Our primary car has a different style suspension. Before we go to Indy, I wanted to get some time on it so that's why we qualified that car. I think Billy did a heckuva job when you take that he hadn't been in the car since yesterday morning and he just went to the line to qualify. It shows that he has a lot of faith in me and the crew."

Jeff Ward's PPG Pole for the Dura-Lube 200 was worth $45,000 to his team. The ISM Racing team received $20,000 for the PPG Pole Award, $5,000 from Oldsmobile for the pole with an Aurora engine and the $20,000 True Vallue Pole Winning Chief Mechanic Award for chief Norm Johnson. J.J. Yeley took the $2,500 American Dairy Association Fastest Rookie Qualifier honor for his 10th-place starting position.

Last year's Indy Racing League field at P.I.R. had an average speed of 163.042 miles an hour. This year's Dura-Lube 200 field averaged 169.008, or 5.966 miles an hour faster.

FINAL PEP BOYS INDY RACING LEAGUE PRACTICE: 4:15 p.m. -- GREEN. 4:15 p.m. -- Temperature was 83 degrees and track temperature was 111 degrees, according to Firestone tire engineers. 4:16 p.m. -- #77 Gregoire turned a lap at 155.179, fastest of session. 4:17 p.m. -- #77 Gregoire turned a lap at 158.933, fastest of session. #6 Hamilton turned a lap at 159.837, fastest of session. 4:18 p.m. -- #12 Calkins turned a lap at 160.686, fastest of session. #11 Boat turned a lap at 161.536, fastest of session. #11 Boat turned a lap at 164.632, fastest of session. 4:19 p.m. -- YELLOW, #15 Salazar hit wall, Turn 2. The car sustained left rear, left front suspension and gearbox, radiator and other rear-end damage. Salazar was examined and released from the infield care center. SALAZAR: "I spun coming out of Turn 1 and hit the wall in (Turn) 2. I'm not sure what happened. It was all very quick. We're going to try to repair this car." 4:38 p.m. -- GREEN. 4:41 p.m. -- #8 Sharp turned a lap at 163.399, second fastest of session. 4:44 p.m. -- #5 Luyendyk turned a lap at 163.778, second fastest of session. 4:48 p.m. -- #1 Stewart turned a lap at 163.957, second fastest of session. #3 Buhl turned a lap at 164.241, second fastest of session. 4:50 p.m. -- #1 Stewart turned a lap at 164.556, second fastest of session. 4:51 p.m. -- #6 Hamilton turned a lap at 164.632, second fastest of session. #8 Sharp turned a lap at 165.373, fastest of session. 4:52 p.m. -- #4 Goodyear turned a lap at 164.684, second fastest of session. 4:54 p.m. -- #8 Sharp turned a lap at 166.674, fastest of session. 4:55 p.m. -- YELLOW, #16 Greco smoking, possible engine failure. 5:04 p.m. -- GREEN. 5:06 p.m. -- #8 Sharp turned a lap at 167.934, fastest of session. 5:07 p.m. -- END OF SESSION.

Joe Negri, GM Motorsports IRL/Road Racing Group Manager, on the 10th consecutive pole for the IRL Aurora V8: "The increase in qualifying speeds today shows the progress that has been made in Oldsmobile's IRL Aurora V8 engine program. With the upgrades that have been made, a typical IRL Aurora V8 has gained 30 horsepower."

DURA-LUBE 200 POST-FINAL PRACTICE QUOTES: SCOTT SHARP: "We had a problem with fuel pickup, and we didn't know it. We found it and with full fuel tanks ran 21.4 in this session. I think we'll be able to run this in tomorrow's race and should be looking pretty good." SCOTT GOODYEAR: "We struggled right off the trailer, but we keep making small steps and riding this. But I still think we're about one or two days behind. The car is reasonable, and it runs pretty well in traffic. I think when I'm by myself I can run in the 21.5's, which is where I think you'll find people tomorrow." ARIE LUYENDYK: "That session doesn't mean much. At least we know my car's pretty good in traffic. Running with a lot of fuel in it, it felt good. I'm in a lot better mood than I was this morning. Nineteenth is far back (to start), but I have a good crew and they can do good things for me in the pits, so..." BUZZ CALKINS: "The car was better this session than it has been since practice started Thursday. We are starting further back than I would wish but I'm confident that we can pick up positions. We made a qualifying setup mistake but I believe we have a very good race day setup. We should be especially strong after the halfway mark."

IRL photographer Walter Kuhn suffered a concussion and a cut to the top of his head from debris in the Eliseo Salazar accident during the final IRL practice. He was awake when transported to Good Samaritan Hospital by helicopter for further evaluation.

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