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SAM HORNISH JR. (#4 Pennzoil Panther Dallara/Oldsmobile/Firestone): "The car was really fast. The Pennzoil Panther guys did a great job. We were better in traffic and had a faster car, but we just didn't have any luck. We had a problem with the fuel injector. It's the second injector that's gone bad on us this year -- one at Richmond and here. It wasn't something that would keep us from finishing, but when you go from 197, 199 mph to 187, people are going to start passing you in a hurry. I know I would have had him (Buddy) today. The Firestone tires helped really well. The only time they could keep up with me was the first 30 laps of a run. We're still leading the points, but we would like to be a lot farther ahead."

ROBBY McGEHEE (#10 Cahill Racing Dallara/Oldsmobile/Firestone): "Everything went our way tonight. The Cahill Racing team had great pit stops. We're real happy. I love this track. It takes a lot of driver skill. I was trying to be very careful, but I think I'm getting my mojo back after the crash at Texas. My leg doesn't hurt at all. We were pretty racy tonight, which feels great. We fought a push all night, but the car progressively got better as the race went on. The car was real consistent, and I have to compliment Firestone. Our Firestone Firehawks were great all night. I was really close to the big crash. That was kind of scary. I thought I ran over some debris and cut a tire, so we pitted to change it, but actually the tire was fine. Like I said, things just went our way tonight, and we're really happy."

DONNIE BEECHLER (#11 A.J. Foyt Racing Dallara/Oldsmobile/Firestone): "I was pretty happy until the crash. We were lucky we didn't get too torn up in that accident. I thought we broke the left wheel when Unser tagged me, so I got out and saw that the tire was just flat. I radioed the crew that it wasn't too bad and got back in the car. The car got better with each pit stop, and I really think we would have had a great finish if we hadn't gotten caught up in that accident with Cheever and Ray."

BUZZ CALKINS (#12 Bradley Food Marts/Sav-O-Mat Dallara/Oldsmobile/Firestone): "The Bradley Food Marts/Sav-O-Mat Dallara felt really good all race long. We just had too much drag and that slowed us down. David (Cripps, team manager and engineer) and Greg (Case, engineer) worked on the car all race long and just kept getting it better and better. The whole Bradley Motorsports team did a great job all night. The pit stops were the best we have had all year. Attrition obviously helped us out in this one. We gained some valuable points tonight, and we'll get ready to go to Kentucky. The Nashville fans have been great. This is a great facility and everyone seems to be really behind the race. I think we figured out some things we'll be able to bring back next year and have a car to challenge from the start."

SARAH FISHER (#15 Walker Racing Kroger Special Dallara/Oldsmobile/Firestone): "We basically stopped because the car wasn't where I wanted it to be. We made a couple of changes to the shocks and cross-weights during our pit stops, but we weren't getting anywhere. I was driving out there in the way of the guys who were really racing. So we decided to park it, instead of causing trouble. When you look at what happened a couple of laps later, I think we made the right decision. A big thanks to Kroger for staying on board with us this year. We haven't been able to give them the best results so far, but our next race is at Kentucky where we finished third last year. We're testing at Kentucky next week, so we should have a lot better result on August 12."

FELIPE GIAFFONE (#21 Hollywood G Force/Oldsmobile/Firestone): "I'm glad this race is over. I think I'll drive home tonight. We just struggled all weekend. Even when the balance of the car was right, we were just inconsistent. We tried everything, but just couldn't make the car go much better. We did get a gift with an eighth-place finish. We just hung in all night, and we were able to bring it home in eighth. We got some points and gained on the rookie-of-the-year standings, I think. I think the fans should have enjoyed the race. It's nice to see another full house, and I really like the night racing. We just need to regroup and be better in Kentucky and the rest of the season."

SCOTT SHARP (#8 Delphi Automotive Systems Dallara/Oldsmobile/Firestone): "We were running competitive times, but this track is really tough to pass on. Everyone was really protecting their position. So if you wanted to pass, you really had to push your way through. Although we wanted to have a better finish today, we'll take the points and get ready for Kentucky. The Delphi team always seems to do well on the mile-and-a-halfs (ovals), so hopefully we get our win the next time (at Kentucky Speedway)."


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