IRL: Nashville: Ganassi Racing Friday report


#1 Scott Dixon- Toyota / G-Force /Firestone

"We were fast early on but just didn't put it quite where we wanted to be. It's an improvement over where the Target team has been in the last little while and that's a positive step. We've stepped things up a bit, rethought the way we've been doing things and put a lot of effort to make some gains in our qualifying efforts and that's starting to show now but we still have room for improvement and we're working hard on that."

#10 Darren Manning- Toyota / G-Force /Firestone

"We're getting closer to where it is we wan to be in qualifying. We're concentrating more on the small things and that's starting to pay off. This is a very different track for me and I've had to make some adjustments to the concrete surface. It's pretty bumpy out there on the straights and that means there a little more attention to the handling of the Toyota/ Panoz G Force. I think that's where the Target team has made the most gains this weekend. For the race, tire wear will be an issue and that makes just a bit more challenging but I feel pretty positive about where we are starting."


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Drivers Darren Manning , Scott Dixon
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