IRL: Milwaukee: Cheever Racing preview

Alex Barron: ...

Alex Barron:  #51 Dallara/Chevrolet/Firestone

Ed Carpenter: #52 Dallara/Chevrolet/Firestone

Ed's Cutting Edge Seat

Ed Carpenter is one of the first IndyCar driver's to use a new race seat made of Creasorb. The seat is designed to absorb and give under impact, and then return to its initial shape and integrity. Current race seats in the IRL absorb on initial impact, but compact as it happens, which causes a loss in the absorption properties if there is a second impact. Instead of a driver being fit for several seats throughout a season, their favorite seat is scanned with a laser program, and the data is kept and reused for every seat made. Therefore, it's always perfectly replicating their favorite seat.

Rhythm and Zoom

Alex and Ed will be attending the "Rhythm and Zoom " fundraiser for the March of Dimes on Thursday, July 22nd at the Hyatt in downtown Milwaukee. Other notables at the event will include Tony and Laura George, as well as the Governor of Wisconsin, Jim Doyle, and his wife Jessica.

Talking About Milwaukee

Alex Barron:
"I am looking forward to going back to Milwaukee. I've raced there four or five times, and I think there's always good racing there because it's so flat. It seems like there's a lot of passing going on because it's really wide and some of the cars go off quite quickly. We have some experience there in the IndyCar (Series), we did a test there, and it went quite well. A lot of the guys who are here with the team have experience there as well. I think we have a good background and a good car setup. We'll just build on that when we get there for the first practice session."

Ed Carpenter:
"I'm looking forward to racing on another short track. I felt comfortable at Richmond, which is another short track. I didn't have an opportunity to test there due to rain, but I'm really looking forward to the challenge of racing at the Milwaukee Mile."

Ed and Alex Play BINGO

On Wednesday, July 28th, Alex and Ed will host the weekly BINGO tournament at Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis. The BINGO game is aired on Riley's closed circuit television, so that all the children throughout the hospital can play in their rooms and have the chance to win a beanie bag.

A New Way to Train?

Alex Barron and Ed Carpenter spent a week in Austria where they attended the Red Bull training camp. In Austria, Alex and Ed performed intense physical exercises and tests to measure different training variables, including maximum oxygen capacity, which is a training that focuses on finding the zone where your body performs at its best and then maintaining that level for as long as possible.


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