IRL: Las Vegas Day 3 - Post Practice Quotes -97-1010

POST-PRACTICE QUOTES: ARIE LUYENDYK: "It was windy out there. I don't think that's a big factor. We didn't get to do what we wanted to do. I understand they cut this short. The car was good in traffic. I think it's going to be a...


ARIE LUYENDYK: "It was windy out there. I don't think that's a big factor. We didn't get to do what we wanted to do. I understand they cut this short. The car was good in traffic. I think it's going to be a good race for the fans. The wind definitely affects the cars. You lose a little air (aerodynamics) anyway." (about his recent accident in California): "I feel real good today. It doesn't bother my driving at all."

ELISEO SALAZAR: "First pits (location)...very good. We ran hard in traffic and it doesn't seem to bother us with the wind. Hopefully, tomorrow, it will not be as windy. Very happy...I'm starting next to Arie. Therefore, we will get off to a clean start." (about adjustments): "Look at the wind, change ratio...a bit short today. The car is ready. I am ready for a very good race and everything is go."

KENNY BRACK: "The car should be good for the race. It feels stable. We do have a little problem with understeer but we'll have the car ready to go for the race. The track's very smooth. It should be a good race."

JEFF WARD: "The car's perfect. Just what we want for the race.

BILLY BOAT: "We just wanted to shake the car down a little and make sure that we were ready to go. We're perfect now. There's really nothing to gain out there at a time like this.

Paul Durant received stitches for a cut on his right elbow at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway infield care center, was released from the center and is cleared to drive. *** MARCO GRECO: "We scuffed some tires and tried to find a better balance for tomorrow's race."

JEFF WARD: "The car's perfect. It's just what we wanted for the race. I can drive around out there real good. I'm driving under guys and staying with 'em in the corners. Couldn't ask for more." (about his first race under the lights): "It's really nice. You can't tell when you're out there. With this yellow (helmet) shield, it makes it look sunny anyway."

BUZZ CALKINS: "The car was certainly better that session. At least we 're approaching the race in a positive direction." (about his close proximity to Paul Durant's spin): "I changed my mind three times before I decided which way to go. I think my time in the simulator at the Sahara earlier today was invaluable."

JONATHAN BYRD (car owner, #10 Durant): "I originally thought $100,000 worth of damage, but when I looked, the tub is junk, so it's $150,000 and we'll have to go with the backup car. Paul said when he entered Turn 3, everything was fine. He had a slight push like he has had here this week. He said he corrected like always, when all of a sudden, a gust of wind popped him right up on the wall. We hope it's not this windy tomorrow. It's just too bad to have this happen so close to the end."

STAN WATTLES: "After tonight's practice, the car feels like a really great race platform. We're starting 26th and for us right now, in our development process with the Riley & Scott, that's a really good place to be. It will me a chance to work with the chassis a bit before all heck breaks loose. I'm looking forward to the race. It's really good to be back with everybody and I'm real excited to be here with a new chassis...and a real thorn in peoples' sides for next year."

DAVEY HAMILTON: "We didn't go for speed this session. We put tires on it at about 55 laps and filled it with fuel. We ran 192 and 193 and the car didn't feel too bad. We're going to be there at the start of the race. I didn't sleep the best last night. I woke up thinking a lot about different things. I really needed that two points during qualifying but that's racing. We have a long day tomorrow and I can't wait to get out there and try to pull off a championship." (about having to beat Stewart "big"): "That's why qualifying was so important. We defnitely need to put a good distance between he and I and he has to have a bad day. That could happen, because it happened to me at Charlotte and it happened to me again at New Hampshire. The tables could be turned this time, because it happened to him before. We have two good teams, two good drivers and we've both sure had our share of both good and bad luck. We'll just have to see what happens tomorrow."

TONY STEWART: "We just went out and practiced for a half hour, that's all. It's windy as can be out there. Did you notice it (the wind) standing out there? I could sure notice it at 200 miles an hour. It's blowing everything around. I have a good solid car now." (are you loosening up?): "I'm really not loosening up. I'm just trying to cope with everything. This has not been the best week for me coping with everything. There's an awful lot on the line and I've got a lot of things on my mind. I'm just trying to concentrate on what I have to get done. This is one weekend when I haven't felt like talking much. We have an awful lot at stake here. I want to win the championship for all of these guys with the yellow and green shirts. I just want to do my job now." (about Hamilton's comment that to have a chance, Stewart must have a bad day): "He shouldn't hold his breath waiting on it. We have a very good race car right now."

EDDIE CHEEVER: (about running in the early '80s at Caesars Palace): "This is the same as it was back then. We just have different cars and the same idea. I'm still having a lot of fun because I really enjoy this. Very busy on the business side, but that's good. This is a beautiful facility and you can tell they've spent an awful lot of money on it." (about the growth of the IRL and the business part): "The sponsorship is getting better. With a new series, it always takes time to catch on. We had this little race called the Indy 500 which is our cornerstone but we've got over 30 cars here and that's good."

ROBBIE BUHL: "The wind was a variable that really changed things. But we're not going to rework the car for that right now. We'll just wait and see what the weather brings tomorrow." (about wind at other tracks): "It's not such a big dealat a mile oval as it is on a superspeedway, when you're going as fast as we are here. At Indy, the wind is a huge deal. It'sjust that way with a bigger track. If the wind is a constant and you consistently know what it's doing, that's one thing because you can adjust. But when it's gusting like it is here, that's when it gets to be a problem. It was really changing things. I hope it lays down, but if it doesn't, everyone has to deal with it."

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