IRL: Kansas: Qualifying quotes

GEORGE MACK (No. 31 310 Racing G Force/Chevrolet/Firestone): "Not good, but we'll have to work on some things before the race." (What will the track be like for the race?): "That I don't know. The track and the weather changes so much it's hard to...

GEORGE MACK (No. 31 310 Racing G Force/Chevrolet/Firestone): "Not good, but we'll have to work on some things before the race." (What will the track be like for the race?): "That I don't know. The track and the weather changes so much it's hard to say. I got a little squirrelly in Turn 4."

LAURENT REDON (No. 34 Mi-Jack Dallara/Infiniti/Firestone): "It's my first time here. I really like this track. The facility is really nice. I feel like we will have a good race. We have a good engine, and I like being in this city for the first time in my life. I'm pretty sure we have everything in place to win here, so we'll cross our fingers and hope it will be tomorrow."

RICHIE HEARN (No. 20 BG Products/Sam Schmidt Motorsports Racing Special Dallara/Chevrolet/Firestone): "The track temperature is about 20 degrees hotter than we've ever run, so it was a little bit of a guess as to how much downforce we needed to run. Looking back, I probably should have run more on the front. The way the wind's blowing off of Turn 3, it's really pushing the car up the track and scrubbing off some speed. But that's all right. We'll just take it and have a good car tomorrow."

SCOTT SHARP (No. 8 Delphi Dallara/Chevrolet/Firestone) "Not very good. We're not really pleased with the Delphi car at all. We were probably the third- or fourth-fastest car after you take out all the draft from this morning's practice. We just kind of got fooled by the conditions. We listened to what my teammate and some other people did and made some changes before we went, and they were the wrong changes to make. It was just way too tight."

RAUL BOESEL (No. 12 Bradley Motorsports Dallara/Infiniti/Firestone): "It's our first time together, and I wish we could have a little better starting position, but the whole weekend has been a little bit of a struggle. I think we can know the reasons and will try to rectify." (How are things coming together with Bradley Motorsports?): "I think it's pretty good. I've worked with David Cripps, the engineer, before, and we knew each other pretty good, so I think pretty soon we're going to find the right track."

RICK TREADWAY (No. 55 Sprint Indy Racing G Force/Chevrolet/Firestone): "I was just hanging on. The Treadway-Hubbard race team did a heck of a job getting the Sprint No. 55 car ready. We didn't practice, and we had some mishaps during our practice runs, and they did a heck of a job. That's the fastest we've gone all weekend. The car was sliding around the first lap, made a few adjustments during the qualifying run, and they worked, and we did good."

MARK DISMORE (No. 2 Menards/Johns Manville/Pittsburgh Paints Dallara/Chevrolet/Firestone): "I'm very happy, I really am. We've made some big, big strides since yesterday, and I think we're going to have a good race car. Honestly, I believe we have a shot. We just have to stay out of trouble all day and not let off the pedal." (On hot conditions): "Doesn't even enter into my mind. I don't care if it's 120 degrees out there. I don't think about it. All I want to do is win one of these, or two or three. Really though, the heat doesn't bother me. I'm fine out there."

GREG RAY (No. 11 A.J. Foyt Racing/Harrah's Dallara/Chevrolet/Firestone): "The car is great; it feels fantastic. I think we've got a good car for race day. The fans here are just wonderful, and this track is such a great facility."

AIRTON DARE (No. 14 Harrah's/A.J. Foyt Racing Dallara/Chevrolet/Firestone): "We tried not to mess ourselves up in practice by running in the draft. We knew where we were this morning, and when it heated up, the Harrah's team did a good job adjusting for the conditions. We didn't lose as much speed as some of the other teams did. I think it'll be a good race, and we have a good race car for it."

FELIPE GIAFFONE (No. 21 Hollywood Mo Nunn Racing G Force/Chevrolet/Firestone): "It's really bad. We had a good car this morning, we just lost the balance. We pushed quite a lot and couldn't go flat all around, so we just struggled. It's a long race. I think I should have a good race car. We should be able to go up front, and we'll see what happens."

AL UNSER JR. (No. 7 Corteco/Bryant Dallara/Chevrolet/Firestone): "We had our engine go sour on us this morning in practice. Although we weren't at the speed we should have been, we felt like we had the handling pretty good on the Corteco/Bryant car. My crew did an awesome job on the engine change to get the car in line for qualifying. The engine they put in is awesome, but the handling was way off. I was so loose. The track changed a lot on us -- probably because of the rubber from the truck race. I really want to qualify better, but we will run a smart race tomorrow and see if we can move to the front."

ROBBY McGEHEE (No. 54 Norwalk/Parsons Motorsports Dallara/Chevrolet/Firestone): "The setup we qualified with is where we wish we'd started yesterday. The car was perfect for qualifying. The balance was fine, and it had a lot of downforce. Yesterday I tried to go faster than the car was capable of going, and we crashed. I want to say a big thank you to Greg Beck and the entire Beck Motorsports crew for staying up all night to put the car back together. I also want to thank Ray Parsons for giving us this opportunity. We're all trying to give him the good performances that he deserves."

BILLY BOAT (No. 98 CURB Records Dallara/Infiniti/Firestone): "This is one of our best qualifying performances of the year, but we feel we had a little bit of an underperformance. We had a quicker race car, but the racetrack changed a little bit, and we picked up a little bit of push in the front end, so we didn't run as quick as we did in practice. More importantly, we feel we've got a good race car. The Infiniti engine is performing great. We're happy with everything right now. We're up toward the front, and that's where we need to be. We feel we have a car that not only can stay in the pack, but also can lead this race. We're going to focus on having a car that can run in traffic, be there at the end and have a good shot to win this race."

ALEX BARRON (No. 44 Rayovac Blair Racing Dallara/Chevrolet/Firestone): "The humidity has come up since this morning. I think that it is affecting the horsepower out there, but everybody has to deal with it. We thought the track would be a little slicker with the trucks running earlier, but there is still a lot of grip out there. We are happy with our time for today, but we still need to find more speed out there."

EDDIE CHEEVER JR. (No. 51 Red Bull Cheever Racing Dallara/Infiniti/Firestone): "I am proud of Tomas (Scheckter). His growth over this season has been very rapid. Once we got past the first part of the season, we worked very well together. I bet Ron Hemelgarn $50 that Tomas was going to get the pole. So I am $50 richer and very proud that we have a Red Bull car on pole. With the debut of the Infiniti Pro Series this weekend, TWR Engines has been very busy with the Infiniti powerplant. I am very pleased with the work they have done with the Infiniti engine. We really have to thank them for their part in getting the Red Bull cars first and third in the field today."

BUDDY LAZIER (No. 91 Coors Light/Life Fitness/Tae Bo/Delta Faucet Dallara/Chevrolet/Firestone): "I was really loose. We just didn't know, but that's what happens when you don't run for five hours. It was a good effort. The car was so close that you feel like if it was slightly different you could have made a run for it. I think we have a real good race car, and we'll see how it goes."

JEFF WARD (No. 9 Target Chip Ganassi Racing G Force/Chevrolet/Firestone): "It's pretty hot out, and this track is real tricky. We just don't have the setup to qualify right now. In the race we will be OK, but we can't get the speed out of the car that we need."

ROBBIE BUHL (No. 24 Team Purex/Aventis/Dreyer & Reinbold Racing G Force/Infiniti/ Firestone): "I'm excited about the car but certainly not about the starting position. We didn't have much time on the track with the car as we would have liked, but we knew going in it was a race car and not a qualifying car. We're still fighting a big push, but we'll be ready to race.

SARAH FISHER (No. 23 Team Smart Blade/Dreyer & Reinbold Racing G Force/Infiniti/ Firestone): "We still had a little push during the run, but we made a couple of good guesses that kept it from being a gross push during the run. Our combination is really coming together this weekend, and we're learning what it takes to get this car to fly. What's important is Sunday's race, and we know what we need to do."

SAM HORNISH JR. (No. 4 Pennzoil Panther Dallara/Chevrolet/Firestone): "We're pretty happy with that lap. It's a little bit better than what we thought we'd run. We're real close to what we thought we could run. But after we saw how slow everyone else was running, we didn't think we could do it. We're very confident going into a hard part of the season where we're racing almost every weekend. The Pennzoil Panther team is pretty excited, and they are doing an awesome job." (How will you run your race?): "I think I'm going to get behind the two Cheever cars and follow them for the first 190 laps or whatever it is, try to make my move late. They'll be tough to keep up with. It's going to be a tough race. Passing and traffic is going to be the key to this race. Whoever navigates traffic and makes the fewest amount of mistakes will be the one that wins. I don't know if we'll have a two-lane racetrack; it depends on what it does tonight. If it rains tonight and washes all the rubber off the track, it will be better for us. If we continue to run on so much rubber with so much heat on it, it's going to be slick."

TOMAS SCHECKTER (No. 52 Red Bull Cheever Racing Dallara/Infiniti/Firestone): "It helps when you've got a teammate out there that runs a little bit before. We made some changes. But here it's going to be a dogfight. You could start 10th, and if you've got a good race car you're going to move to the front. I think we've got a good race car. We have a good qualifying car, as well. We did some race runs this morning before qualifying because we didn't think we did enough race setup, and my race setup seems to be very good." (Is it uncomfortable with your teammate starting behind you?): "It's a comforting feeling, and I feel good around Sam (Hornish). I've raced with Sam a couple of races, and he's very fair. We have good races. I was pretty sad at what he did at Indy. He went off with having such a good race, and he seemed to be the only person who could keep up with me at Indy. I'm looking forward to a great race. I think me, Sam, Eddie and you'll see a lot of guys coming to the front. Fuel consumption will be a key part, like Sam said. With these two lanes, it's going to be tough. Can you go high? Can you get high around lap cars? Certainly, I think the last 20 laps will be a dogfight."

HELIO CASTRONEVES (No. 3 Marlboro Team Penske Dallara/Chevrolet/Firestone): "The track changed a lot since the morning session, which I think was because of a combination of the heat, the wind shifting and the rubber laid down during the truck race. We had a lot of understeer in Turns 3 and 4, so we did the safe thing by waving off our first run and coming back out at the end of qualifying for one lap. When I came back out, the car was handling much better, and I was able to put it in the top 10. Marlboro Team Penske did a fantastic job with the adjustments and really made a great save. I'm very satisfied with today's result. Now we'll just have to wait and see what happens in the race tomorrow."

GIL de FERRAN (No. 6 Marlboro Team Penske Dallara/Chevrolet/Firestone): "I really don't know what happened during our qualifying run. We went out with a car that was handling really well. I was able to run a 216.9 mph by myself this morning. During qualifying, the car had so much understeer that I almost crashed in (Turn) 4 opening my lap. I thought that maybe the tires hadn't come in, so I went for it on my next lap. Unfortunately, the same thing happened, and I had to get out of the throttle big time. On my final lap, I just backed off early to make sure I wouldn't go off. I had an unbelievable amount of push in Turn 4. In hindsight, I should have aborted the run altogether. But qualifying is all about believing and not the time to figure things out. You know you have to go flat to do a good time, and that was what I tried to do. I made my job tomorrow that much more difficult by starting in the back, but the car has been handling well in the races. When you have a good car, you can move up from the back of the field, so we'll just take it step by step and hope we're there at the end."


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