IRL: Indy500: Wednesday practice quotes, part II

SCOTT SHARP: "They (fast laps) were fun more than anything. Obviously, that lap (226.137 mph) was great for numbers but not too realistic. I got a great tow from Airton Dare. He carried me all the way to the frontstretch. It was a pretty awesome...

SCOTT SHARP: "They (fast laps) were fun more than anything. Obviously, that lap (226.137 mph) was great for numbers but not too realistic. I got a great tow from Airton Dare. He carried me all the way to the frontstretch. It was a pretty awesome draft I got." (About recovering from electrical problem and fire yesterday): "The guys were up until 2 or 3 (a.m.) last night fixing that." (About Ilmor engines): "They didn't have an IRL engine on the dyno until December. I'm really impressed with their progress." (About pole speed): "For the pole, I don't know. Menard, that seems to be their goal this year. They've sort of shocked us all when it comes down to qualifying everywhere we've gone." (Goals for team): "Next week all the qualified cars I think you'll see them working on long runs. If you're not, then I just think you're wasting your time." (About Panther Racing not showing a lot of speed early in the week): "They've been showing incredible speed this year. This track is an animal in itself, and people always say this track changes so much. We thought that with Michael and Sam as a combination they would be showing a little bit more at this point. We all have a burning desire to put Kelley Racing at the front where it should be." (About Chip Ganassi Racing): "I knew they would get rocking soon. Somebody read off a list earlier of people we need to watch out for, and I said, 'Don't forget Ganassi.' Last year they were in the middle of the front row, so we know they can qualify well." (How close is your qualifying setup to your race setup?): "Pretty far away. Greg Ray has won a lot of poles, but doesn't win every race because the setups are different. You need a car in the race that can go in and out of traffic and make it 35 to 40 laps. During Happy Hour it's easy to get air, anybody can get air out there. How many guys are going to run qualifications in Happy Hour? After tech and waiting in line, four maybe five guys will get to go out. I'm not a big proponent of Happy Hour. If you're lucky enough to pull out of line, and get to run during Happy Hour you'll get that extra mile-an-hour. Happy Hour is almost just for fun."

STAN WATTLES: "We found some speed thanks to the No. 91 crew. They gave us a hand with our setup, and we knocked off a 219.5 mph this afternoon. There is more to come. It seems that I always wait until the last minute, but it was getting a little frustrating. I feel better now that we're getting up to speed and look forward to getting back at it tomorrow."

ROBBIE BUHL: "Yesterday we had the day off, because the guys were working on our new car. It still needs some work, but it will be our primary car. We are more confident with some things that are on that car. Hopefully we will be out in that car tomorrow, since it is the car we plan to qualify. We ran the T-car (backup) again today, and ran a 221 (mph) pretty comfortably in the heat of the day. In the final hour of practice today it got pretty busy out there and with the headaches we've had, we don't need to bring anymore upon us. We are real happy with our power. We just want to get out there with our primary car and see where that thing goes."

CASEY MEARS: (About yesterday's accident): "I made a mistake yesterday, but I know what I did, so I can take that and use that knowledge when I get back into the car. Everyone keeps telling me that this place is all about patience, and I know that first hand now. The entire team has been working so hard, and they have all remained extremely positive. They have a lot of experience here, and that is really going to come into play with our program during the next few days. We are hoping to get back on the track on Friday, and Dr. Bock has said he will clear me to drive after my soreness goes away, which has already started to happen."

SCOTT GOODYEAR: "We put a few more miles on this morning and tried some things. Some of them worked, and some of them didn't. One in particular will be very helpful for qualifying and the race. We had some electrical problems this morning and didn't get a lot of running in. We're fighting a couple of things on the car. We went back out this afternoon, but had a possible drive-line problem. The next two days we'll start focusing in on speed for qualifying on Saturday."

AL UNSER JR.: "We ran a little bit this morning and then planned on running this afternoon when it got cooler, but then we decided against it. We have a full day of things we want to try, and we did not want to do them during Happy Hour, because we can't accomplish what we want with a lot of traffic and the possibility of long yellows."

BUZZ CALKINS: "We ran this morning and made some progress with the Bradley Food Marts/ Sav-O-Mat car, turning our fastest speed of the month. However, we have been having some trouble with the car hitting the rev limiter as we cross the Yard of Bricks the last few days, and that has slowed us down. We found out today that the gearbox seal broke and that led to the clutch slipping so the guys had to work on that. That took us out of the picture for most of the day. We got back out late this afternoon but with all of the yellows we never really got to find out what the car would do. We have a few more days to get it sorted out."

BILLY BOAT: "We gained some speed this afternoon getting up over 221 mph, so

the car was working pretty well. Then we made some more changes later in the afternoon to try and go a little quicker, and we didn't really get the results we wanted. So we'll go back to where we were and try to pick up where we left off. The thing about the Speedway here is that it's constantly changing. You battle changing conditions every day, and every day there's something different, so we'll keep plugging away and be ready for qualifications on Saturday."

GIL DE FERRAN: "Marlboro Team Penske had a good day today. We made gains from yesterday posting our fastest lap so far this week (222.271 mph), and both Helio (Castroneves) and I finished in the top 10. We were also able to get a qualifying simulation done, which we weren't able to do on Tuesday."

HELIO CASTRONEVES: "So far my first few days at the Speedway have gone well. It's been quite a learning experience for me. Every day we learn more and more about the car, and we're slowly improving, but we're not there yet. We did some full tank runs today as well as some qualifying runs. Everyone at Marlboro Team Penske has been working flat out to try to find more speed in the car."


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