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Qualifying position - 4th Average Speed - 222.885mph For the second straight year, Robby Gordon has taken the ...

Qualifying position - 4th
Average Speed - 222.885mph

For the second straight year, Robby Gordon has taken the #32 Team Menard Indy entry to the fourth position on the grid in qualifying for the Indy 500. Gordon ran consistent laps of 222.894, 222.932, 222.894 and 222.822 for an average of 222.885mph.

It was Robby's third attempt of the day after quite a bit of drama. His first attempt was waved off after the first lap of 221mph. The car was too tight and Gordon felt he needed to loosen it up to really have a shot at pole. His second attempt, however, was too loose. Exiting the short chute into turn two, Gordon had a big twitch, got down into the rumple strip and subsequently waved off the run. They made a couple of minor adjustments and changed the balance. He was flat all the way around on his third attempt.

Earlier in the day, Gordon unveiled his newly decorated blue Dallara with sponsorship from Burger King and Turtle Wax. It was announced that both new sponsors had decided to back his attempt to race both the Indy 500 and Coca Cola 600 NASCAR event on the same day next weekend.

ROBBY GORDON "We definitely had a consistent run out there on our third try. I got loose on my second attempt and I think the fact that the weather was the way it was, cold and getting damper by the second towards the end of the day, we had to change the setup a bit. On the third attempt the car was a lot more stable. Basically, I flat-footed it for four laps and the car stuck. Obviously, sitting on the pole would have been great, but I'll take fourth. Inside of row two, right behind Greg. Not a bad place to be and the same place we started last year.

"I was a little edgy towards the end there. We had made our first attempt and waved it off, then we worked on the car and practiced where we turned a 223.5. Both Greg and I were sitting waiting as long as we could. He went and we waited even longer. At one point, we were all standing in a circle and we said, "Lets go!" at the same time. The suspense was killing us, that's the way this place is. Every year there's something that gives you goosebumps.

"So now we have a challenging week ahead. There will be a lot of travel back and forth between Indy and Charlotte, but it's going to be fun. Having Burger King and Turtle Wax step up to support us the way they did for both races is a big lift as well. They'll get every ounce of Robby Gordon next weekend."

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