IRL: Indy500: Goodyear Thursday notes 2001-06-17

Indianapolis, IN (May 17,2001) - ...

Indianapolis, IN (May 17,2001) - #52Thermos Grill2Go driver Scott Goodyear ran 81 laps in practice, more than any other driver. The team concentrated on race day setups and running full fuel loads. Goodyear's fastest time today was 219.959.

Currently, Goodyear and the#52 Thermos Grill2Go Cheever Indy Racing Infiniti sits in the 16th position at a speed of 222.529mph, for the 85th Annual Indianapolis 500.

Goodyear (on practice): "We spent the day concentrating on just running the fuel in race day position and in race day setup and so far it has gone well. We've made some positive changes yesterday on the car so that's great. I think we're going to have something good on race day. We made some gains between yesterday and today that have made the car better. It would have been nice if we had that on qualifying day, but if we could have it on race day then we will have something that works pretty good. I spent a lot of time on the track today; I think we ran 81 laps, more than anyone else. Tomorrow, we had to do a couple of long runs just to learn more about the car."


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