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Felipe Giaffone
#21 Hollywood/Mo Nunn Racing Chevrolet G-Force
86th Indianapolis 500 - Practice Notes/Quotes - Friday, May 10, 2002
Indianapolis Motor Speedway - 2.5-Mile Oval
Round 5 of 15 on the 2002 Indy Racing League

Felipe Giaffone and the #21 Hollywood/Mo Nunn Racing Chevrolet G-Force ended a hectic final two days of practice before Saturday's Pole Day qualifying for the 86th Indianapolis 500 with a fast lap over the 230-mph barrier late this afternoon. Giaffone reached 230.865 mph just four laps after taking to the track during the 5 o'clock hour of practice after the Hollywood/Mo Nunn Racing team spent the better part of the afternoon in the garage repairing his car. It was the sixth-fastest lap of the day. Giaffone completed 22 laps in all today, just 10 early in the afternoon before mechanical problems set in and sent the car back to the garage.

Meanwhile, teammate Tony Kanaan and the #17 Hollywood/Mo Nunn Racing Chevrolet G-Force had a trouble-free set of practice runs early in the afternoon with Kanaan reaching 228.702 mph before parking the car for the rest of the day. Kanaan then wrapped up the day in the #21T Hollywood/Mo Nunn Racing Chevrolet G-Force back-up car and broke the 230-mph barrier during a series a mock four-lap qualifying runs. His lap of 230.410 mph was the ninth-fastest lap of the day overall. Kanaan completed 14 laps in the 21T Hollywood car, and 20 laps in his #17 Hollywood car.

Defending race-winner Helio Castroneves turned the fastest lap of the day at 232.087 mph, followed by Robbie Buhl at 231.603 mph, and Tomas Scheckter at 231.600 mph.

Teams take to the track for final practice prior to qualifying beginning at 8 a.m. Saturday. Pole Day qualifying begins at 11 a.m. local time (noon EDT). Live television coverage begins on ESPN at noon EDT, and then on ABC beginning at 1 p.m. EDT.

Team owner Morris Nunn drew the numbers for all three cars during tonight's qualifying draw. He pulled the third spot in the qualifying order for Giaffone's primary #21 Hollywood car, the 25th spot for Kanaan's #17 Hollywood car, and the 74th spot for the #21T Hollywood back-up car.


"I feel much better about things after a kind of rough two days. We had some problems yesterday and we just never really got going like we wanted to. And today, I had a problem early on and then we lost almost the entire afternoon working on the car. But the guys did an excellent job. And it really helped a lot having a teammate because we did everything to my car that they did with Tony's car and I was able to go fast right away, once we got out on track this afternoon. I'll be okay tomorrow. A lot will depend on the weather. But Morris drew a great number for me (#3 in the qualifying order), so it'll be good to be able to do my qualifying run early on because they say it's going to rain later in the afternoon."


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