IRL: Indy 500: Dixon, Manning day two summary


#1 Scott Dixon
Practice Speed: 219.569 mph (40.9894 seconds)
Laps run in #1 car: 32 (best lap was 31)
Position at end of the day: 2nd

"This morning we made some very good gains. I was old tires when I put in the fast lap at 219.569 mph so I'm sure we could have gone faster in the afternoon. However, when the heavy rain started to fall in the early afternoon, we took the opportunity to make a few major changes which we thought would work in our favor. When we got back out there at the end of the day, that didn't turnout to be the case. Without any changes, I'm sure we would have been able to get up to the 221 mph. It's just the second day of practice and we got a lot out of it. This is the best time to take chances and try those things out."

#10 Darren Manning
Practice Speed: 218.392 mph (41.2103 seconds)
Laps run in #10 car: 60 (best lap was 25)
Position at end of the day: 12th

"I got in a lot of laps today (60 laps) to feel the car out and to continue to get to know this track better. We hardly trimmed the car out so it's still easy to drive and really just about taking our time and getting in some good runs."


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