IRL: Indy 500: Dixon, Manning day nine summary


#1 Scott Dixon- Toyota / G-Force /Firestone
Best Practice Speed: 220.576 (40.8022 seconds) in #1T car
Laps run in #1T car: 85 laps
Best Lap: lap 13
Position at end of the day: 1st

"The weather cooperated with us today and we got a lot of full tank runs in. Toyota is working hard on making strides after a rough qualifying effort. First thing this morning we set the fastest lap in the back up car and worked all day on consistency and balance. This race will be about momentum, passing and we need to be sure we have a car we can run flat with."

#10 Darren Manning- Toyota / G-Force /Firestone
Best Practice Speed: 217.926 mph ( 41.2985 seconds)
Laps run in #10T car: 107 laps
Best lap: lap 76
Position at end of the day: 10th

"We had a good day of work today. The conditions were quite different running with a full tank and it took a while to get the car the way that I wanted it. We still have a few days and lots to work on. I'm still learning what's needed from the car to run consistently. I didn't get a chance to run with Scott out there today because I wasn't happy enough with the car to do that today. Hopefully we'll get lots of laps in over the next two days."


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