IRL: Indy 500: Cheever Racing "Carb Day" notes

Red Bull Cheever Racing Completes Final Race Setups at Indy Carb Day. Red Bull Cheever Racing drivers completed the final shakedowns of their race cars in the two-hour, final practice session for the 86th Indianapolis 500 on Thursday. Eddie ...

Red Bull Cheever Racing Completes Final Race Setups at Indy Carb Day.

Red Bull Cheever Racing drivers completed the final shakedowns of their race cars in the two-hour, final practice session for the 86th Indianapolis 500 on Thursday. Eddie Cheever Jr. completed 12 laps, Max Papis completed 19 laps, and Tomas Scheckter completed 12 laps in warm and sunny weather conditions.

Eddie Cheever Jr. on Practice:
"This is the first time we have run the race car in a week. We did not touch it after qualifying. It ran well. We can sit here and tune the car for two hours, but it would serve no purpose. Whatever we've got, we've got."

Eddie Cheever Jr. on His 13th Indy 500:
"The first race I had no idea what I was doing. I was with a brand new team and on my own to learn everything. Now, I look forward to the race as something that is going to be fun. I looked forward to my first Indy 500 about as much as going to get my wisdom teeth pulled. There is only one way to learn this track and that is to do miles, and I have done a lot of those. This race will be a success for me, and the team, if one of the three Red Bull Cheever Racing Infiniti cars wins."

Tomas Scheckter on Practice:
"We just went out with our race setup and race engine and did a couple of laps to make sure that everything is okay. Everything felt good with the Red Bull Cheever Racing Infiniti."

Tomas Scheckter on His First Indy 500:
(Scheckter, 21, is the youngest driver in the 33-car starting grid.)
"I think a lot of people around me feel nervous and uptight, but I feel great. Maybe it is because I haven't experienced how big race day is yet, so I am a little more relaxed. I just can't wait; I was ready to race a week ago. I want to get this race right, and stay out of trouble for the first 400 miles. I really want to finish 500 miles. I am ready to go out there and drive, and do the best job that I can do."

Max Papis on Practice:
"Today was just a shakedown. We just went out and checked everything. The engine was perfect and the cars were running fine. We were just looking at some data and some numbers to get a little better understanding of the car, but overall we're fine. It's going to be a long race and we have new things to learn especially with communications, and pit stops with a new crew. I'm looking forward to making this process happen as fast as possible.

Max Papis on His First Indy 500:
"This has been very special to me. In a very short amount of time I have learned a different approach to racing. I am looking forward to having a strong race and attack. This is a sport, so you need to be out there giving it all that you can. I look forward to getting out there and doing the best I can."

Five Father-Son Pairs on Indy 500 Crew for Red Bull Cheever Racing Red Bull Cheever Racing will have five father-son pairs working on the crews for the No. 51, 52, and 53 Red Bull Cheever Racing Infiniti entries:

Owen Snyder Jr. (#51 Sign Board) and Owen Snyder III (#51 Chief Mechanic) - Janesville, Wis.

Gary Penission (#53 Fueler) and Gary Penission Jr. (#53 Right Rear) - Haslett, Mich.

Jody Junge (#53 Sign Board) and Josh Junge (#53 Chief Mechanic) - Keystone, Iowa

Garland Miller (#53 Pit Assist) and Chad Miller (#53 Left Front Assist) - Kokomo, IN

Len West (#53 Deadman) and Jeff West (#53 Left Front) - Oswego, N.Y.

Jody Scheckter to attend Indianapolis 500
Jody Scheckter, the 1979 Formula One World Champion, will attend the Indianapolis 500 to watch his son, Tomas Scheckter. Tomas Scheckter is a rookie in this year's IRL Championship. The Indy 500 will be his fifth IRL race and the first one that Jody has attended.

Red Bull Cheever Racing Qualifying Recap
All three Red Bull Cheever Racing drivers earned a spot on the starting grid for the 86th Indianapolis 500 on the first day of qualifying on May 11. Starting in the second row, Eddie Cheever Jr. qualified sixth at 229.786 mph in the No. 51 car. Starting in the fourth row, Tomas Scheckter, the youngest driver in the field so far, qualified 10th at 229.210 in the No. 52 car. Starting in the sixth row, Max Papis qualified 18th at 227.941 in the No. 53 car.

Race Information
The 86th running of the Indianapolis 500 starts at 11 a.m. (EST) Sunday, May 26. Live timing and scoring of all on-track activity can be found on

Red Bull Cheever Racing, based in Indianapolis, is the brainchild of 1998 Indy 500 champion Eddie Cheever Jr. A leader in American motorsports, the Indy Racing League team is built on Cheever's experience in Formula One, sports cars and open-wheel oval racing. Corporate and technical partnerships with the world's leading energy drink Red Bull, Nissan North America's Infiniti Division, TWR Group, and Lincoln Financial Group greatly enhance the team's resources and technology. For more information, visit


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