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INDIANAPOLIS May 18 1997 - Starting lineup for the May 25th Indyianapolis 500 folllowing today's qualifications: P. Driver Nat Chassis/engine ...

INDIANAPOLIS May 18 1997 - Starting lineup for the May 25th Indyianapolis 500 folllowing today's qualifications: P. Driver Nat Chassis/engine Speed ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Row One 1. Arie Luyendyk NLD G Force-Aurora 218.263 2. Tony Stewart U.S. G Force-Aurora 218.021 3. Vincenzo Sospiri ITA Dallara-Aurora 216.822 Row Two 4. Robbie Buhl U.S. G Force-Aurora 216.102 5. Scott Goodyear CDN G Force-Aurora 215.811 6. Jim Guthrie U.S. Dallara-Aurora 215.207 Row Three 7. Jeff Ward U.S. G Force-Aurora 214.517 8. Davey Hamilton U.S. G Force-Aurora 214.484 9. Eliseo Salazar CHI Dallara-Aurora 214.320 Row Four 10. Buddy Lazier U.S.. Dallara-Aurora 214.286 11. Eddie Cheever U.S. G Force-Aurora 214.073 12. Robby Gordon U.S. G Force-Aurora 213.211 Row Five 13. Stephan Gregoire FRA G Force-Aurora 213.126 14. Affonso Giaffone BRA Dallara-Aurora 212.974 15. Kenny Brack SWE G Force-Aurora 211.221 Row Six 16. Buzz Calkins U.S. G Force-Aurora 209.564 17. Jack Miller U.S. Dallara-Infiniti 209.250 18. Mike Groff U.S. G Force-Infiniti 208.537 Row Seven 19. Roberto Guerrero COL Dallara-Infiniti 207.371 20. Steve Kinser U.S. Dallara-Aurora 210.793 21. Robbie Groff U.S. G Force-Aurora 207.792 Row Eight 22. Billy Boat U.S. Dallara-Aurora 215.544 23. Sam Schmidt U.S. Dallara-Aurora 215.141 24. Billy Roe U.S. Dallara-Aurora 212.752 Row Nine 25. Mark Dismore U.S. Dallara-Aurora 212.423 26. Tyce Carlson U.S. Dallara-Aurora 210.852 27. Marco Greco BRA Dallara-Aurora 210.322 Row Ten 28. Dennis Vitolo U.S. Dallara-Infiniti 207.626 29. Fermin Velez ESP Dallara-Aurora 206.512 30. Greg Ray U.S. Dallara-Aurora 213.760 Row Eleven 31. Alessandro Zampedri ITA Dallara-Aurora 211.757 32. Claude Bourbonnais CDN Dallara-Aurora 210.523 33. Paul Durant U.S. G Force-Aurora 209.149 Row Twelve 34. Lyn St. James U.S. Dallara-Infiniti 210.145 35. Johnny Unser U.S. Dallara-Infiniti 209.344 Field Average: 212.286 mph. Record: 227.807 mph - in 1996.

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* 1st 2.00 #8604 * The graveyards are full of indispensable men.

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INDIANAPOLIS, May 18, 1997 - Crashes during practice or qualifications for the May 25 Indianapolis 500, with date, driv- er, hometown or country, car number, chassis-engine and descrip- tion of the incident: 1, May 6 - Jeff Ward, San Juan Capistrano, Calif., No. 52, G Force-Aurora. Car had engine problem, made a complete spin, struck the wall with the right rear, slid away from the wall in another half-spin and came to a stop on the exit lane of the third turn. He was not hurt. The car had minor damage. 2, May 7 - Scott Sharp, Danville, Calif., No. 1, G Force- Aurora. Lost control coming out of the fourth turn, made a three- quarters spin 570 feet into the wall and then went along the wall for 410 feet. Sharp suffered a bruised knee but was cleared to drive. The car had heavy damage to the left side. 3, May 8 - Arie Luyendyk, Netherlands, No. 5, G Force-Aurora. Lost control coming into first turn, slid 50 feet, did two spins and hit wall with the front of his car. Luyendyk was not injured and the car had minor damage to the front. 4, May 9 - John Paul Jr., West Palm Beach, Fla., No. 18, Dallara-Aurora. Lost control into fourth turn, did complete spin 690 feet and hit the wall with the front of the car and then the rear. Car came to a halt after sliding backwards down the track 460 feet and making a half-spin. Paul suffered multiple fractures in his right lower leg and left heel. Car had heavy damage to the front and left side. 5, May 9 - Stephan Gregoire, France, No. 77, G Force-Aurora. Made a full spin 180 feet in the turn two warmup lane and touched the inside guard rail. Gregoire was not hurt. The car had minor damage to the nose cone. 6, May 9 - Scott Sharp, Danville, Calif., No. 1T, Dallara- Aurora. Lost control coming into fourth turn, did complete spin 635 feet before hitting wall with right side of car for 160 feet, car slid down the straightaway off the wall for 2,690 feet before coming to a halt at the end of the straightaway. Sharp had a concussion and mild brain hemorrhage. Car had extensive damage to the right side. 7, May 10 - Robbie Groff, Atlanta, No. 30, G Force-Aurora. Came high out of the first turn during the second lap of a quali- fication attempt and brushed the wall with the right front and rear tires. Groff was not hurt and drove the car into the pits. The car was not damaged. 8, May 10 - Sam Schmidt, Las Vegas, No. 16, Dallara-Aurora. Lost control coming out of the warmup lane in turn two before a qualification attempt, spun and hit the inside wall with the right front. Schmidt was not hurt. The car had minor damage. 9, May 16 - Johnny O'Connell, Chandler, Ariz., No. 1, G Force-Aurora. Blew engine in first turn, made three-quarters spin into the wall with the nose of the car, went off the wall and hit again with the left rear. Made a reverse half-spin for 750 feet and stopped in the middle of the track. O'Connell suffered facial cuts and underwent surgery on a dislocated arch of his left foot. The car had extensive left side and front damage. 10, May 17 - Claude Bourbonnais, Canada, No. 72, Dallara- Aurora. Came high out of the second turn, hit the wall with the right rear and drove back to the pits. Bourbonnais was not hurt. The car had right rear suspension, wheel and wing damage. 11, May 18 - Scott Harrington, Indianapolis, No. 36, Dallara- Aurora. Car went low in turn two during a qualification attempt, made a half-spin 600 feet into the wall, went along the wall 270 feet and backwards 540 feet to a stop in the middle of the back- stretch. Harrington was awake and alert and hospitalized for observation. The car had extensive front and left-side damage.

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* 1st 2.00 #8604 * Aatu osaa soutaa: Finnish palindrome.

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