IRL: Galles Racing Phoenix qualifying notes

Al Unser Jr. Car ...

Al Unser Jr.
Car #3 : Galles Racing Starz Super Pak
Qualifying Time: 21.683
Qualifying Position: 23rd

"We have really been struggling getting through the corners. We are either too loose or pushing. The track just isn't the same for us as it was when we were testing here, and it seems to be affecting us more than others. Our problem lies within our cars though, not the track. So, we are just going to work today and tonight and wee what we can do for raceday."

Casey Mears
Car #31: Galles Racing
Qualifying Time: 21.858
Qualifying Position: 25th

"We have been struggling all weekend, and although I feel we'll have a good car for the race, it is hard for me to tell. I have never raced these cars or this chassis/engine combination, so I have nothing to compare it to. But I am confident that the team has the right package to do well, it just takes time."

Didier Andre
Car #32: Galles Racing
Qualifying Time: 22.8211
Qualifying Position: 27th

The biggest problem for me so far has been the amount of time it's been since I've been in a single seater in general (18 mos.), let alone the limited amount of time I've had in my Galles Racing car. I've been learning a lot this weekend in practice, mostly in trying to deal with traffic, and especially running with guys who have had so much more experience in this series, and with testing.

My goal for the race is to finish, and with that I will have a lot more laps and experience under my tomorrow will be a big learning day for me as well.

-Galles Racing


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