IRL: Galles qualifying quote from Homestead

Galles Racing Infinity Grand Prix of Miami April 7, 2001 <pre> Al Unser Jr. Car ...

Galles Racing
Infinity Grand Prix of Miami
April 7, 2001 <pre> Al Unser Jr. Car #3 : Galles Racing Starz Super Pak

Qualifying Time: 27.867 Qualifying Position: 19th </pre> Driver Quote:

"The car got loose during the middle of my qualifying run because we had a cut tire. But I think we have a good race car for tomorrow so we will just have to do some passing on the track and be quick in the pits. This track can be tricky in terms of passing, but it will be a great show for the fans because of the great competition in the Indy Racing Northern Light Series." <pre> Casey Mears Car #31: Galles Racing

Qualifying Time: 21.858 Qualifying Position: 24th </pre> Driver Quote:

After yesterday we made some pretty significant changes to our set-up and it's made a world of difference. I feel so much better about the car, that I wish this is where we had started in the first place. My goal for this race, and even for Atlanta, is to continue getting comfortable with the G-Force; and improving with every session. Since we've had such a late start, I'm willing to sacrifice somewhat on speed, in an effort to get the car as good as it can be.

This morning's session was so much better than where we've been so far; and even in qualifying I feel so much more comfortable with the car, rather than just going out there and fighting it. In fact, I know I could've gotten more out of the car in qualifying; and that's a good feeling to have. I admit it's as much a balance between me having a good race car, as it is for me to learn the correct way to drive an IRL car, and I believe I'm in a position to do that now.

I really have to thank Rick Galles and my crew; they've all worked really hard to make the changes we did, and I feel we are now heading down the road with some continuity, which makes me feel really comfortable going into this race. <pre> Didier Andre Car #32: Galles Racing

Qualifying Time: 28.7420 Qualifying Position: 26th </pre> Driver Quote:

"The track has changed a great deal since we tested here, so we have been chasing the set-up all weekend. The car was better today then yesterday, so we think we will have a good car for raceday."

-Galles Racing-

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