IRL: Fontana: Chip Ganassi Racing qualifying report

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* #9 Scott Dixon- Toyota / Panoz /Firestone

"I think we might have been able to be a bit better today but the wind really picked up from this morning's practice and made the gear selection difficult so we were a little off on the backstretch. I think everyone is struggling for grip out there and that might just be a factor in tomorrow's race."

* #10 Jaques Lazier- Toyota / Panoz /Firestone

The no.10 Target car had an engine issue in the second practice necessitating a motor change for the qualifying session.

"The Target crew did a great job in getting the no.10 Toyota Panoz ready for qualifying. Toyota has worked very diligently to finish the season very strong and we feel pretty confident with our chances to have a great race day tomorrow. The wind was a factor in qualifying today and it made gear selection difficult but I'm pretty pleased with what we were able to do."

* "Rounding" Out the Year in the Pink--Target Chip Ganassi Racing takes to the track for 2005 season finale on the 2-mile oval at California Speedway for the Toyota Indy 400 this weekend in Fontana, CA. with Scott Dixon and Jaques Lazier behind the wheel of the their Toyota Panoz IndyCars sporting a new paint scheme in honour of Breast Cancer awareness. In partnership with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), Target will use the team's race cars as vehicles to help raise funds for Breast Cancer research and promote awareness to racing fans across the country. Both Target drivers, Scott Dixon and Jaques Lazier, will also sport special pink highlighted firesuits for the occasion. All Target Racing team members will also take part in the initiative by wearing pink ribbons on their firesuits/crew shirts or a special pink bracelets to show their support

"I had the privilege to drive the pink Target car in last year's race at California Speedway and I was really impressed with the overwhelming response we had from fans, media and other teams as well," said Scott Dixon. "It's a cause that touches us all and it's great that the Target team was able to take it a step further this year and field two pink cars. We hope to make an even greater impact in this year's race and certainly a trip to victory circle would help that effort and bring our 2005 season to a much more satisfying end."

"Driving a pink race car attracts a certain amount of attention and I'm very proud to be part of the team's initiative to bring this worthy cause to the forefront," said Jaques Lazier. "Raising awareness is just so important in the fight against breast cancer and I'm proud to do this for the women in my life, like my mom and my wife, and for our race fans, both men and women, that are touched by this terrible disease. We're hoping we can make a difference in the fight for prevention and a cure just by getting the message out there."

* The Road to Success--.The Target team is coming off their first race win of the 2005 season with Scott Dixon's victory at Watkins Glen Indy Grand Prix in NY. Teammate Giorgio Pantano's fourth place finish at the Glen helped round out the team's best weekend performance this year.

The Target Team has sent the laurel wreath Dixon received in victory circle to the Seneca Lodge to hang among the wreaths of the previous race winners at Watkins Glen and up hold the tradition that dates back to when the United States Grand Prix Formula One events at Watkins Glen International. Race winners would traditionally visit the Tavern Room at the nearby lodge to hang their wreaths on arrows behind the bar. Because wreaths are not given to NASCAR race winners, several tires hang from the ceiling of the lodge.

* On the Right Track to Recovery-- Target Chip Ganassi Racing's 23-year-old Australian IndyCar rookie driver Ryan Briscoe (no.33 Target Pioneer /Toyota /Panoz /Firestone) continues to progress on his road to recovery after a spectacular accident on Sunday, September 11, at Chicagoland Speedway. Just one month after the incident, Briscoe is showing significant improvement to the injuries he incurred after only two weeks of adhering to a strict rehabilitation program outlined by Formula Medicine, a rehabilitation center in Italy for drivers.

In the past few days and much earlier than anticipated, Ryan has also begun to do some light movements at a computerized steering wheel simulator.

"Considering the vast improvements that we have seen in Ryan's physical condition," said Aldo Fenu, head of the rehabilitation department at Formula Medicine, "we are even more optimistic about his recovery period being further shortened, allowing him the possibility to get into a race car earlier than might be expected."


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