IRL: Eddie Cheever Pikes Peak Qualifying Notes

Eddie Cheever will start Sunday's race from the 10th row as he qualified his ...

Eddie Cheever will start Sunday's race from the 10th row as he qualified his #51 The Children's Beverage Group/Team Cheever Dallara/Goodyear/Infiniti twentieth in today's PPG Pole Qualifier. Cheever lapped the 1-mile tri-oval superspeedway in 21.104 seconds at an average speed of 170.584 mph. Cheever's time was six-hundred eighty thousandths of a second off the time of the pole sitter, Greg Ray.

"We are still trying to get our ride heights right. I lost the car in one because of it. We should be in good shape for the race."

"Every time we come here, the track seems different. There are a lot of technical things that have to come together at the same time. On any given race weekend, there are 300 minor changes you could make to the set up that would make your car go faster than the guy next to you. You are always looking for that elusive treasure. Of the four practice sessions we got this weekend, we lost two in search of just that treasure."

"As our record shows, we tend to focus on race set up. During practice, I'm not worrying so much about individual lap speeds as the car and the conditions as a whole. I ask myself questions like "what is this set of tires going to be 40 laps from now?" or "what is the track going to be like 40 laps from now?"

"This series is close racing, if you just hiccup, it could cost you a position. The golden secret is that you have to have a competitive team, a competitive car and wake up in the morning wanting to take no prisoners. Over the 200-mile race, you may get five or six shots where if you roll the dice and it comes up in your favor, the win could be yours. You gotta be ready to take each one and capitalize on them when they come."

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