IRL: Delphi Indy 200 at Walt Disney World Speedway Entry List

No Driver Residence Car Name C/E/T Entrant Chief Mechanic 1 Greg Ray Plano, Texas Conseco/Menards D/A/F Team Menard ...

No Driver               Residence                    Car Name
      C/E/T   Entrant                              Chief Mechanic
1  Greg Ray             Plano, Texas                 Conseco/Menards
      D/A/F   Team Menard                          Chris Sumner
3  Al Unser Jr.         Albuquerque, N.M.            TBA
      G/A/F   Galles ECR Racing                    Darren Russell
4  Scott Goodyear       Carmel, Ind.                 Pennzoil Panther Dallara
      D/A/F   Panther Racing                       Kevin Blanch
6  Jeret Schroeder (R)  Vineland, N.J.               Armour Swift Ekrich/
      D/A/F   Tri Star Motorsports                 Derrick Stephan
7  Stephan Gregoire     Carmel, Ind.                 Dick Simon Racing/Mexmil/Tokheim/Viking Air Tools
      G/A/F   Dick Simon Racing                    Rich Simon
8  Scott Sharp          Carmel, Ind.                 Delphi Automotive Systems/MCI WorldCom
      D/A/F   Kelley Racing                        Robert Perez
9  Robby Unser          Albuquerque, N.M.            PetroMoly/Children's Beverage Group
      D/A/F   Tri Star Motorsports                 Derrick Stephan
11 TBA                  TBA                          Rio A.J. Foyt Racing
      G/A/F   A.J. Foyt Enterprises                Bill Spencer
12 Buzz Calkins         Denver, Colo.                Bradley Food Marts/Sav-O-Mat
      D/A/F   Bradley Motorsports                  Todd Tapply
14 Jeff Ward            San Juan Capistrano, Calif.  Harrah's A.J. Foyt Racing
      G/A/F   A.J. Foyt Enterprises                David Milby
18 Sam Hornish Jr. (R)  Defiance, Ohio               Hornish Bros. Trucking/Advantage Powder Coating
      G/A/F   PDM Racing                           Paul Murphy
20 Tyce Carlson         Indianapolis, Ind.           Hubbard-Immke Racing
      D/A/F   Hubbard-Immke Racing                 Greg Beck
24 Robbie Buhl          Indianapolis, Ind.           Team Purex Dreyer & Reinbold Racing
      G/A/F   Dreyer & Reinbold Racing             John O'Gara
27 Niclas Jonsson (R)   Ramsey, Great Britain        American Hotel Register/ZMAX
      G/A/F   Blueprint Racing Enterprises         Randy Ruyle
28 Mark Dismore         Greenfield, Ind.             Bryant Heating & Cooling/On Star
      D/A/F   Kelley Racing                        Glenn Scott
30 Jon Herb (R)         Indianapolis, Ind.           Jonathan Byrd's Cafeteria
      G/A/F   Jonathan Byrd-McCormack Motorsports  Mark Olson
33 Jaques Lazier        Vail, Colo.         Communications
      G/A/F   Truscelli Team Racing                Bill Winkleblech
42 John Hollansworth Jr Dallas, Texas                TeamXtreme/Lycos/G Force
      G/A/F   TeamXtreme Racing                    John King
43 Doug Didero (R)      Mooresville, N.C.            Mid America Freight Systems/Western Star Trucks
      D/A/F   Mid America Motorsports              David Didero
44 Davey Hamilton       Las Vegas, Nev.              Spinal Conquest
      D/A/F   Sinden Racing Service                Joe Kennedy
51 Eddie Cheever Jr.    Orlando, Fla.                Team Cheever/Firestone/Infiniti
      R/I/F   Team Cheever                         Owen Snyder III
55 Robby McGehee        St. Louis, Mo.               Energizer Advanced Formula/Energizer Motorsports
      G/A/F   Treadway Racing                      Rick Hurford
88 Airton Dare (R)      Bauru, Brazil                TeamXtreme Racing/G Force
      G/A/F   TeamXtreme Racing                    Rob Stark
91 Buddy Lazier         Vail, Colo.                  Delta Faucet/Coors Light/Tae-Bo/Hemelgarn Racing
      R/A/F   Hemelgarn Racing                     Dennis LaCava
98 Donnie Beechler      Springfield, Ill.            Big Daddy's Sauces/Race Car Cafe Las Vegas
      D/A/F   Cahill Auto Racing                   Kevin Hertle

Legend: Chassis: D=Dallara, G=G Force, R=Riley & Scott. Engine: A=Oldsmobile Aurora, I=Nissan Infiniti. Tire: F=Firestone. (R)=Rookie.


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Drivers Buzz Calkins , Robby McGehee , Greg Ray , Eddie Cheever , Al Unser Jr. , Jon Herb , Robbie Buhl , Buddy Lazier , Stephan Gregoire , Jeff Ward , Davey Hamilton , Scott Sharp , Airton Daré , Mark Dismore , Scott Goodyear , Jeret Schroeder , Jaques Lazier  , Donnie Beechler , Tyce Carlson , Robby Unser , Mark Olson , Dick Simon , A.J. Foyt , Sam Hornish Jr. , John King
Teams A.J. Foyt Enterprises , Panther Racing , Dreyer & Reinbold Racing