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IMS, CLARIAN HEALTH ANNOUNCE PARTNERSHIP INDIANAPOLIS, May 15, 1998 - Clarian Health was named as the official health care provider of Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Clarian and Speedway officials announced today. As part of the...


INDIANAPOLIS, May 15, 1998 - Clarian Health was named as the official health care provider of Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Clarian and Speedway officials announced today. As part of the agreement, the infield medical center at the Speedway will be known as the Clarian Emergency Medical Center.

Methodist Hospital, a part of Clarian Health, has been the official hospital for the Indianapolis 500 since 1910 when the first motorized ambulance sped injured drivers and spectators to Methodist. The affiliation grew in 1970, when Life Line helicopter began to play an integral part in the medical care of injured drivers and fans.

"We've enjoyed a long relationship with Methodist Hospital and the Methodist Trauma Center, now a part of Clarian Health," said Dr. Henry Bock, medical director of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. "We felt it would be mutually beneficial for the Speedway and Clarian Health to confirm and expand our partnership. The partnership will improve our communications and access to each other."

The Clarian Emergency Medical Center (CEMC) is a centrally located, emergency treatment facility located in the infield of the Speedway. The CEMC is the hub of the medical care system that operates during all Speedway events. The center, with 17 beds, is staffed by emergency physicians and nurses.

If a driver or fan becomes ill or injured, that person is transported to the CEMC for evaluation and stabilization. The CEMC provides immediate, life-saving care for patients with serious illnesses or injuries. The patient is transferred to Methodist Hospital's Emergency Medicine and Trauma Center if the medical condition requires further evaluation or treatment.

"The Indianapolis Motor Speedway has a long and valued relationship with a Clarian member, Methodist Hospital, and is pleased to continue with Clarian," said John Newcomb, Speedway vice president of sales & marketing.

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Clarian also will work together in these areas: Clarian Public Safety Team: Spectators in the stands will receive initial medical attention from members of the Clarian Public Safety Team. These volunteers will be located throughout the Indianapolis Motor Speedway during the Indy 500 and the Brickyard 400.

Clarian/IRL Child Care Center: Children of race team members will receive quality day care at all Pep Boys IRL events from the Clarian/IRL On-Site Child Care Center. The permanent facility at the IMS assures parents that there will always be a fun and nurturing place for their kids. On the road, a custom-designed mobile facility features a classroom, modern kitchen, bath, nap room and a spacious play area. The program is administered by Kid's Campaign, a not-for-profit corporation that gives kids "portable permanence."

Clarian First Aid Stations: Every first aid station at IMS will be known as a Clarian First Aid Station. Spectators needing first aid will be directed to these stations. Helmet Raffle to Benefit Riley: An annual helmet raffle will be held to benefit Riley Hospital for Children, located in Indianapolis. The raffle includes the actual helmets worn by the drivers as they qualified for the Indianapolis 500. Each raffle ticket costs $250. One race fan will win all of the autographed helmets. Those wishing to purchase a raffle ticket can call (888) 333-9422.

"We are most honored to expand our relationship this year and to be a part of Indianapolis' premier event," said Bill Loveday, chief executive officer and president of Clarian Health. "The Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the Indy 500 are Hoosier culture, and we're proud to care for our community at the track.

"As the official health care provider of the IMS, we will continue to care for the drivers and spectators, and to promote health and wellness as a sponsor of community day."

Clarian Health Partners, Inc., formed in January 1997, is a private, non-profit organization that includes Methodist Hospital, Indiana University Hospital and Riley Hospital for Children. Clarian Health is licensed as one hospital with three locations, making it the second-largest hospital in the country based on admissions. The hospitals are affiliated with the IU School of Medicine's extensive teaching and research programs.

Clarian Health offers a broad base of tertiary services ranging from cancer to cardiology to organ transplantation to a Level 1 trauma center. The combined pediatric volume makes it one of the largest children's hospitals in the nation.

In addition to the three hospitals, Clarian Health's services include primary care, home care, occupational health, outpatient procedures and one of Indiana's largest health plans. For more information on Clarian, visit Clarian's Website at -30-

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