IRL: Cheever Atlanta Thursday practice plagued by problems

<pre> Eddie Cheever Jr. - ...

<pre> Eddie Cheever Jr. - #51 Excite@Home Indy Race Car Midas 500 Classic - Atlanta Motor Speedway Indy Racing Northern Light Series - Round 7 of 9 July 13-15, 2000 - Thursday Practice Notes and Quotes Practice 1: 6th 211.152mph 25.574 seconds Practice 2: 19th 209.294mph 25.801 seconds Overall: 14th 211.152mph 25.574 seconds

</pre> Hampton, GA - A clutch problem and fuel pump leak restricted track time for #51 Excite@Home driver Eddie Cheever Jr. on the first day of practice for Saturday's seventh round of the Indy Racing Northern Light Series, the Midas 500 Classic at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Cheever, who claimed the first Indy Racing victory for the #51 Excite@Home team and the Infiniti Indy engine at Pikes Peak in June, currently leads the 2000 Indy Racing Northern Light Series standings with 176 points.

Eddie Cheever Jr. (on the first day of practice): "We had a terrible day. We had two problems that would have taken us out of the race. In the first practice we had a clutch problem and lost ten minutes, and in our second session the fuel pump developed a leak with twenty-five minutes remaining. We worked on some qualifying stuff, but we never really had a chance to get up to speed. Hopefully we're getting all of our bugaboos out of the way before the race on Saturday."

Primary Sponsorship of the #51 Indy Car comes from Excite@Home. The company is based in Redwood City, California, at the heart of Silicon Valley. Associate Sponsors of Team Cheever include Infiniti, Firestone, Indy Promotional Products, Menards, Bosch, and Pennzoil.

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