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You and your Legends Car are invited to compete for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Cup! IMS sponsors the team race within a race - Indy's Race in the Dome! Dec. 9 at the RCA Dome, home of the Indianapolis Colts in downtown ...

You and your Legends Car are invited to compete for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Cup!

IMS sponsors the team race within a race - Indy's Race in the Dome! Dec. 9 at the RCA Dome, home of the Indianapolis Colts in downtown Indianapolis.

Highlights of the TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP announcement:

_Pit Locations for additional Legends Cars made available by special arrangements with the Indy Convention Center. _Each Legends Car Region with at least 3 participants in the Race in the Dome is eligible to win the 1995 Team Championship. The Team Championship is a race within the Race in the Dome. The top 3 finishing drivers from each Region in the Race in the Dome, including the preliminary races, determine the Team Championship. _Membership of the host Hoosier Legends team will be limited to the top 3 drivers in the 1995 Hoosier Legends Championship and the 1 other top finishing driver in the Race in the Dome. _Indianapolis Motor Speedway will present custom embroidered Indy 500 jackets to the top 3 finishing drivers from the Championship Team. _Indianapolis Motor Speedway will present a giant silver-plated wine cooler to the Championship Team. After engraving the name of the 1995 Team Championship Region and the names of the 3 top finishing drivers, this Indianapolis Motor Speedway Cup will be sent to the director of the Team Championship Region. The Cup may be displayed for a year, but will be returned to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway before the 1996 Race in the Dome. __________________

Only race in the world that you can go to watch and come home the winner!

If your entry is drawn and if your spouse and heart are willing, you will drive the fabled "0" Legends car in the Race in the Dome - not in an exhibition race, but in the real race!

Helmet, driving uniform and driving gloves will be provided if you do not have your own, and you will sign a release just in case your race is not perfect!

Please complete the information on the form and put the card in the Race in the Dome entry box.

Your entry card will be in the container from which a card will be drawn at 6PM, Saturday, December 9 in the Pit Area of the Race in the Dome.


A helmet, driving uniform and driving gloves will be provided to you, if necessary, and you will have a Legends Car driving instruction in the RCA Dome at 6:45PM.



To all Legends Car owners,

I hope you will join us for the second annual Legends Hoosier Holiday weekend at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and in the RCA (formerly Hoosier) Dome December 8 and 9.

1995 marks the second year for this RCA Dome event that left Legends racers hungry for more last December. And this year we have rounded off a couple of the rough edges: ...We will start moving cars into the the Pit Area in the Convention Center on Friday morning and begin practice in the RCA Dome early Saturday morning. Last year's "Chinese fire drill" of trying to unload a couple hundred race cars and settling them in the Pit Area Saturday morning has been eliminated. ...The Pit Area is in the Convention Center rooms immediately adjacent to the RCA Dome. The distance race cars must travel outside to enter the RCA Dome air lock is 200 feet. Last year the distance was 1600 feet.

But our Legends Cars race in the RCA Dome is just part of the fun we have put together for you and the rest of the Legends car family December 8 and 9.

...The Indianapolis Motor Speedway will be your host during your stay in Indianapolis. The IMS Motel on the grounds of the Speedway will be our Legends Cars headquarters. The Motel has arranged a special $58 per night rate - please call 317-241-2500 and ask for the special "Legends race" rate when making room reservations. *

...The Indianapolis Motor Speedway will treat us to a special tour of the world's premier race course that will begin at the IMS Hall of Fame Museum at 3PM, Friday, December 8.

Please be with us for a news-making "Legends Recognition Dinner" Friday night at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Some very important racing folks will be with us that evening with some news that you won't have to wait 'till 11 to see. If you enjoy auto racing, especially Legends Car racing, you will want to be there. Bring your whole family and crew - a dinner reservation form is included with this letter.

...While you and your crew go to the RCA Dome for practice Saturday morning, we have arranged a Christmas shopping trip for your ladies. The ladies will be transported to an exciting shopping experience Saturday morning, back to the motel Saturday afternoon, and to the RCA Dome early Saturday evening to watch you race.

I have tried to enclose all the important information about the Legends Hoosier Holiday weekend on the pages that follow this letter. But, if you have any questions, please call me at 1-800-872-1373.

Sincerely, John Stiles

* Last year, Legends Cars visitors reserved every room at the IMS Motel for this rake weekend before the end of November. If the IMS Motel is full, or if you prefer to stay two blocks from the RCA Dome, call the Courtyard by Marriott at 317-635-4443. Ask for the "legends race" rate - $81. Both the IMS Motel and the Courtyard by Marriott have free, surface parking for guests.

164 Southpark Blvd, P.O.Box 301 - Greenwood, Indiana 46142 - 317-888-7265

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