Firestone Indy 500 preview

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

IZOD IndyCar Series - 100th Anniversary Indianapolis 500
Indianapolis Motor Speedway - Speedway, Ind.
May 12-29, 2011 - Round 5 of 17

Race Distance: 500 miles/804.672 km (200 laps on the 2.5-mile/4.023-km superspeedway).

Television/Radio Broadcast: Live - Sunday, May 29, at noon EDT on ABC, IMS Radio Network, XM and SIRIUS Radio 94.

Firestone Firehawk Race Tires Supplied:

Firestone Firehawk racing tires
Firestone Firehawk racing tires

Photo by: Michael C. Johnson

- Firestone Racing returns to Indianapolis in 2011 with the same tire specification as the one that performed so incredibly well a year ago.

- A full-month entry receives 33 sets (132 tires) and a partial-month entry receives 26 sets (108 tires) for all of practice, qualifying and the race; rookie orientation participants receive an additional four sets (16 tires) for that session only; veteran refreshers receive two additional sets (8 tires) that must be returned prior to May 16 practice; more than 5,000 tires in all are available

- Tire stagger: A single stagger of approximately 0.30 of an inch is available. Stagger, created by molding the right rear tire with a larger diameter than the left rear, helps racecars turn more naturally and smoothly on oval tracks.

From Al Speyer, Executive Director, Firestone Racing: "The Indianapolis 500 is the race we most eagerly await each season, but we are anticipating this year's even more with the centennial anniversary of this great event. We take immense pride in knowing that Firestone tires carried Ray Harroun to victory in the inaugural Indianapolis 500 a century ago, and that Firestone Racing still plays a pivotal role in the sport a hundred years later. Come May 29, we know that whoever takes the checkered flag first will do it on Firehawk tires and become Firestone's 62nd Indy 500 champion. It's a win total more than all other tire makers combined and powerful proof of the legacy that the Firestone brand has maintained through the years. For 'The Most Important Race in History' we are supplying the identical Firestone tire specification that was used in 2010 and received such wide praise from teams and drivers last May. With the entire racing world watching on this historic occasion, we want to provide a proven tire that will do its part to help make this landmark Indianapolis 500 even more memorable. Firestone wishes the best to all of this year's competitors and congratulates Indianapolis Motor Speedway on its centennial milestone."

Firestone wishes the best to all of this year's competitors.

Al Speyer

Firestone "Tire-ific" Move of the Race: Following each IZOD IndyCar Series race in 2011, Firestone Racing nominates three drivers who best utilized their Firestone tires to make a bold, dramatic move during the event. Fans can go to in the days after the event and vote for the nominee they believe made the most "Tire-ific" move of the race. The $10,000 prize recipient from the May 2 race in Brazil is Takuma Sato, for his brilliant pass for first place in the wet and leading 23 laps. Sato will be awarded his prize during Carburetion Day festivities May 27.

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