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CONQUEST RACING COMPLETES FINAL PREPARATIONS FOR 2010 INDYCAR SEASON SECURING SPONSORSHIP MARKETING SPECIALISTS DOJUPA & IBP Longstanding IndyCar Team Known for Fostering Rookie Talent Hires Two New Firms to Bring Fresh Approach to Compete in ...


Longstanding IndyCar Team Known for Fostering Rookie Talent Hires Two New Firms to Bring Fresh Approach to Compete in Changing World of Racing Sponsorship, Marketing

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA (December 17, 2009) - As Conquest Racing prepares for the 2010 IndyCar season, the team has appointed two new firms specializing in strategic marketing and sponsorship, Dojupa and IBP. As an established team known for fostering young talented drivers, Conquest Racing brings a personal, boutique approach to doing business with its partners and is currently discussing the 2010 season with a few possible drivers. In preparation for the race schedule, Conquest Racing plans to have one car racing the entirety of the 2010 IndyCar schedule and another car competing in select races, including the Indy 500.

Working closely with Conquest Racing's in-house marketing staff, newly appointed Dojupa and IBP will be supporting the racing effort, helping achieve team owner Eric Bachelart's new vision to break away from convention for the upcoming season. As Conquest Racing moves forward with its preparations for 2010, Bachelart is committed to bringing the two new firms on to help his team successfully evolve and thrive in the changing climate of racing.

"As we look forward to 2010, Conquest Racing is pleased to incorporate the services of both Dojupa and IBP to help our organization find new ways of achieving success with our partners out on the track," comments Conquest Racing CEO and Team Owner Eric Bachelart. "Conquest Racing has always taken a simple and efficient approach to how our team works with its partners, and we feel now more than ever, we should expand upon our team's flexibility, and deliver a potent, creative message as we embrace the new season. The appointments of Dojupa and IBP will augment our own in-house efforts helping achieve success as we bring in 2010."

Under Principal Jean Paul Libert, Dojupa will secure sponsorship support for the 2010 IndyCar season for Conquest Racing. Libert, the creative mind behind successful auto entertainment ventures such as exotic dream car experience World Class Driving as well as its special 200 mph Xtreme program and the company's signature Festival events, brings more than twenty-five years of global motorsports sponsorship experience partnering together with Conquest Racing. Libert's career is marked by forging several extremely successful motorsports partnerships such as his work developing the racing sponsorships for British American Tobacco.

Working closely alongside Libert, will be Dojupa's Jason Altzman, another seasoned expert in racing sponsorship and strategic marketing that has experience working with automotive affiliated brands such as eBay Motors and online nonprofit auctioneer Kompolt. Under Libert and Altzman, the Dojupa group will prepare Conquest Racing for the new era of racing by moving the team in a fresh direction bringing creative, cost-effective, and easy to implement marketing solutions that make sense to corporate sponsors looking to get the most impact from their budgets.

"Motorsports sponsorship has changed drastically. We are now operating in an environment where every decision is dictated by cost and return on investment. But even with the changing industry, there are tremendous opportunities. IndyCar is an amazing entertainment platform and Dojupa looks forward to working with Conquest Racing and securing partners ready to make the most out of their investment by revamping several traditional ideas in motorsports and revolutionizing them," says Dojupa Principal Jean Paul Libert. "Working in sync with Eric Bachelart, we are committed to helping Conquest Racing partners get the most out of their investments and creating a new era for sponsorship. In this demanding environment, now is the right time to bring new ideas to racing."

In addition to Dojupa, Conquest Racing has also hired Los Angeles-based IBP to assist the team with marketing and communications. Under Managing Partner Dan Weikel, IBP will partner with Conquest Racing and Dojupa to help the team develop a non-traditional sponsor network as well establish a new communications system focused on assisting team sponsors. Weikel and his group of professionals bring their previous expertise supporting motorsports oriented brands such as SPEED TV and have assisted in developing successful marketing programs for several past NASCAR partners. Under IBP, Conquest Racing's press efforts will reach beyond the motorsports industry and help sponsors maximize their exposure in the mainstream media marketplace in order to secure the most value for their investment.

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