CHAMPCAR/CART: Walker Racing - RIO 200 Review

CHAMPCAR/CART: Walker Racing - RIO 200 Review
May 18, 1999, 5:34 AM




Started 4th , finished 10th, seventh in PPG standings - 36 points.

Gil de Ferran ran fourth in the opening segment of the race, but fell all the way back to 14th when his air jack malfunctioned during his first pit stop. Despite continuing brake problems, the Brazilian fought back to 10th.

What: TELEMAR - Rio200 Round five of the 20-races FedEx Championship Series for the PPG Cup

Thursday, May 13th, 1999. The rain falling in Rio since last night delayed Rio 200's schedule. The race organizers wait for the rain to stop and send trucks equipped with jet engines to dry the track. Rescue cars running around the track also try to accelerate its drying. At 1:20 p.m. , the clouds again rolled in over the 2nd turn wall and at 2:25 p.m Cart Chief Steward Wally Dallenbach and J.Kirk Russell decided to cancel the day's on track activities.

Friday, May 14th, 1999.

Session Times: Friday Qualifying Car Driver Time Speed Rank B.Leader # 5 Gil de Ferran 38.684 173.467 4th 0.119 Gil de Ferran: "We're pretty happy so far. The car is handling very well. Just a little bit of push (understeer) in turn four on both laps. We didn't have much time to set it up this morning but we had a good baseline from last year so we had a good base to start from. It was nice to be the quickest, however briefly, but starting from the 2nd row is good for the Walker Racing Team. The track is a little dirty and I think it will just continue to get better. I think during race tomorrow we'll be doing very fast times.

Saturday, May 15th , 1999 Session Times: Saturday Warm-up Car Driver Time Speed Rank # 5 Gil de Ferran 40.214 166.867 21st

Session Times: Saturday Race Car Driver Time Speed Rank Best Lap # of Laps # 5 Gil de Ferran 39.505 169.862 10th 29 108

Race Pit Stop: Lap Course Flag Position Before/After Pit Time 1st Lap 31 Yellow 4 14 42.264 2nd Lap 74 Green 7 14 33.083

Gil de Ferran: "I'd have to say I'm disappointed. We had problems in the first pit stop, that put us back from fourth to about 14th. I also had brake problems right from the start of the race. The brake pedal kept going lower and lower and eventually I had to change my style from using my right foot to brake to my left. It was tough to do, but it was the only way I could deal with it."

Derrick Walker: Team owner: " Sadly we failed to take advantage of a good qualifying position. An electrical cable got in the way of the airjack socket, caused a longer than needed pit stop. At Rio I was pleased to see that the new rules to retain the front wheels in case they come off during an accident.. Freak accidents that have endangered the fans have lead to a great deal of work being done to understand how best to contain parts that get torn of, the restrainer cords will be implemented as soon as the parts can be made."

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