CHAMPCAR/CART: Vancouver Ford Racing Post Race Notes

Jan Magnussen in the Visteon Ford-Cosworth drove a smart, calculated race to post a career best finish on the rainy streets of Vancouver. Using experiences honed during many wet races in Europe, Magnussen helped make the call to slicks at just...

Jan Magnussen in the Visteon Ford-Cosworth drove a smart, calculated race to post a career best finish on the rainy streets of Vancouver. Using experiences honed during many wet races in Europe, Magnussen helped make the call to slicks at just the right time.

JAN MAGNUSSEN -20- Visteon Ford-Cosworth - Started 21st / Finished 7th - "In the beginning of the race the car was not great. The tire pressures were too high and we lost some grip early on. Then with all the yellow we were just trying to decide when to go to dry tires. I think we made the call at just the right time." WAS THAT YOUR CALL? "I was talking to the guys but I made the call for dry tires and it seemed to pay off." HOW MUCH DO YOU THINK YOUR PAST EXPERIENCE RACING IN THE WET IN FORMULA ONE AND THROUGHOUT EUROPE HELPED YOU TODAY? "In the beginning of the race I hoped that it would have played a bigger role but we had so many problems getting grip with the tire pressure that I really could do much. But, deciding when to go from wet tires to dry tires was soothing I learned in Europe and I think that helped us today."

P.J. JONES -20- Tecate/Quaker State Ford-Cosworth - Started 2nd / Finished 21st - DO YOU FEEL THAT YOU WENT TO SLICKS TOO EARLY AND DID THAT CONTRIBUTE TO YOUR SPIN? "Yeah, it went from bad to worse. We thought the track was going to go dry quicker than it did. We gambled and it didn't pay off for us today. We didn't have a very good car in the wet. I was just hanging on -- It was hard. The car was good on the dry track but we just missed on the wet setup today."

ROBERTO MORENO -11- Big K Ford-Cosworth - Started 6th / Finished 16th - YOU MADE CONTACT WITH THE WALL IN THE KINK EARLY ON IN THE RACE, WHAT HAPPENED? "We just kept getting faster and faster and as the track dried out I was really quick through the Kink. As I went through there I bottomed out and hit the ground. It got me a bit sideways and I hit the wall. I was almost flat there in fourth gear. When the car would bottom out it would really upset the car." BEFORE YOU MADE CONTACT WITH THE WALL, WHEN THE TRACK WAS DRYING OUT, YOU WERE CONSISTENTLY POSTING THE QUICKEST TIMES. WHAT WAS IT ABOUT THOSE CONDITIONS THAT SEEMED TO GIVE YOU AN ADVANTAGE? WAS IT YOUR EXPERIENCE? "The car was working well. I don't think it was experience, it was really about the speed. The car was good and I was being very careful. When I was by myself I would push it and try to go faster and faster."

MICHAEL ANDRETTI -6- K Mart/Texaco/Havoline Ford-Cosworth - Started 8th / Finished 14th - WHAT CAUSED YOU TO SPIN AT THE START? "I just lost it. It was a stupid, stupid mistake." YOU SEEMED TO HAVE A PRETTY COMPETITIVE CAR TODAY . . . "My mistake at the start of the race cost us a podium finish for sure. When it was raining at the beginning of the race I couldn't even touch the throttle. The conditions were not very good. It's good to finish but we could have made up even more positions in the points without the problems at the beginning of the race."

MAX PAPIS -7- Miller Lite Ford-Cosworth - Started 12th / Finished 23rd - CAN YOU DESCRIBE WHAT HAPPENED BETWEEN YOU AND HERTA? "I went to brake at the end of the straight and unfortunately Bryan got into the back of me. I guess he saw an opportunity to pass and took it. We made contact and I slid into the wall and messed up the transmission box and the rear wheel. We had a car capable of posting a good finish and we could have helped ourselves out today in the points standings. That's very frustrating."

BRYAN HERTA -8- Shell Ford-Cosworth - Started 13th / Finished 24th - WHAT CAUSED THE CONTACT BETWEEN YOU AND PAPIS? "Max was struggling. He was really slow out there and I called on the radio and told the guys that Max was holding me up. At the same time Jimmy (Vasser) and Tony (Kanaan) were all over me and I had to make a move to get by him or they were going to go by me. I went to accelerate by him on the inside and either he didn't see me or he turned in anyway, and I tried to get back out of the throttle when he turned across me and we just touched." WHAT CAUSED TO MAKE CONTACT WITH THE WALL? "I was trying to get by Gugelmin and my car was beginning to come in. I was starting to go to the front and I just got into the power too soon and the car swapped ends and hit the wall which broke the drive in the gears. I hopped out the car and when I got out I noticed there was a fire and the marshal didn't want to come out on the track so I grabbed the extinguished myself and put it out."

MEMO GIDLEY -71- Herdez/Viva Mexico Ford-Cosworth - Started 20th / Finished 12th - SOMETIMES A RACE CALLS FOR YOU TO DRIVE VERY SMART AND SOMETIMES IT CALLS FOR YOU TO DRIVE VERY FAST. GIVEN THE CONDITIONS, I WOULD SAY THAT THIS IS A RACE THAT YOU NEEDED TO BE SMART . . . "Well I think you had to be fast and smart. After the morning warm-up when we were running in the wet I was like fourth quick. I knew our car would be very good in the wet. During the race I was faster than a lot of the guys in front of me and I was just waiting for them to either make a mistake that would help me get around them or I was just flat out passing them. I was able to pressure a lot of people to day and they would make a mistake. It was just very hard to see when you are so far back, that's the biggest thing. The car felt good. I was able to save my tires when a lot of other guys were using them up. We got a flat at the end which hurt us because it forced us to pit." YOU KNOW YOU CAN RUN WITH THE GUYS UP FRONT, EVEN IN POOR CONDITIONS. WHAT KIND OF A CONFIDENCE BOOST IT THIS FOR YOU? "This is good. I know what we can do. This whole package has the potential to run up front. I think we can al least get the car into the top-five in qualifying and I think Laguna is going to be a good place to try that."

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