CHAMPCAR/CART: Toronto Ford Driver Race Quotes

MICHAEL ANDRETTI -6- Kmart/Texaco/Havoline Swift 009.c Ford Cosworth XD - Finished 2nd..."It was an interesting day. Poor Dario. He was in a class of his own today. I don't know what happened. It seemed no one had anything for him. I...

MICHAEL ANDRETTI -6- Kmart/Texaco/Havoline Swift 009.c Ford Cosworth XD - Finished 2nd..."It was an interesting day. Poor Dario. He was in a class of his own today. I don't know what happened. It seemed no one had anything for him. I feel sorry for him. I actually hit him with my right rear tire. I don't know how I made it through there. The car just got so loose that I couldn't keep it straight. I was a sitting duck, and Alex took advantage of it. I didn't know how I was going to keep him in back of me. I didn't leave a lot of room, and he was already committed on the inside. All I could do was let him by, or crash us both, and I wasn't going to do that." ON THE FUEL ECONOMY OF THE CAR... "The fuel was good. It wasn't a problem. Actually we were pretty good early. We were able to keep pace and save fuel. It was pretty encouraging that we could do that. Then the yellows came out and it wasn't much of an issue. I was running full-rich at the end." BOBBY RAHAL -7- Miller Lite Reynard Ford Cosworth XD -Finished 4th... "We had a good race car today. This morning we had a mediocre race car at best, we made some changes and they were the right ones. In the race we made a few more changes, and they were the right ones as we were catching the leaders. But after that last yellow, I couldn't get any more grip in the tires. But we'll take fourth." ON BEING A SENTIMENTAL FAVORITE . . . "They knew we were here and we didn't limp around." BRYAN HERTA -8- Shell Reynard Ford Cosworth XD - Finished 5th... "It makes things a little more difficult when you start 17th, but we went into this race thinking that if we could get a top five today we would be happy. We needed to put ourselves a little farther up on the grid to start the race but I'm happy to get a top five and we will go on to Michigan. ON THE EXCELLENT PIT STOPS AND RESTARTS THE TEAM HAD ALL DAY . . . " We have been working on those things, the crew has been good all year. Frankly, I've stalled a few times in the pits and hurt us on stops where we should have made up positions. Today, we made a couple of positions on the track, a couple in the pits and a few due to attrition and ended up in the top five. SCOTT PRUETT - 20- Visteon Reynard Ford Cosworth - Finished 6th... "Overall we're pleased with our finish. We had a good car today, not a great car. I battled a loose car all day today and in fact all weekend. We made some changes on our first stop that didn't seem to help. Toronto is a difficult track to pass on, so we ran a patient race and maintained our position on the track. I am happy that we came away with as many points as we did." RICHIE HEARN -10- Budweiser/Ralphs/ Swift Ford Cosworth XD - Finished 7th... "(Today's finish) is better than last week's. (18th) We'll take this. We collected some points today and earned another top-10 finish, so that's not a bad day. I'm looking forward to moving on to Michigan next week. We tested the new wing there before Cleveland, and the car was great. I think it's going to be a good race for us." ADRIAN FERNANDEZ -40- Tecate/Quaker State/Labatt 98I Reynard Ford Cosworth XD - Finished 9th... "It was rough out there. The conditions were not very good and the track was very slippery. We had an incident with (Paul) Tracy as he was trying to pass me in turn one and he hit my side pod. Fortunately I didn't go off and then after that it was just trying to stay alive. We didn't have such a good car but it was good to just finish the race. We need to concentrate on the next race now. Hopefully our bad days are behind us. We cannot afford them if we are going to fight for the championship." ARND MEIER -77- Hasseroder/J.A.G. Lola Ford Cosworth XD - Finished 15th... ON THE UNSER AND SALLES INCIDENT . . . "I was ready to overtake Salles but he was blocking me. But then he broke much too late and he couldn't make the corner and went into Unser. Unser had nothing to do with the incident." CHRISTIAN FITTIPALDI - 11 - Kmart Swift 009.c Ford Cosworth XD - Finished 16th... ON THE PIT INCIDENT WITH DE FERRAN . . . "I had no idea that de Ferran had run into my left rear tire. The jacks went down and I took off and noticed a vibration immediately in the rear of the car. Then I noticed my crew waving at me which is when I stopped and they pulled me back into my stall. It was very frustrating because I had to make an additional stop on the very next lap to make certain everything was fine. That cost us a chance at a good finish.

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