CHAMPCAR/CART: TKG Partners with Hundred Black Men

DETROIT (June 14, 2001) - Team KOOL Green (TKG) and 100 Black Men of America, Inc., jointly announced today they would participate in a program designed to increase access to computers, technology and training in urban communities. 100 Black Men...

DETROIT (June 14, 2001) - Team KOOL Green (TKG) and 100 Black Men of America, Inc., jointly announced today they would participate in a program designed to increase access to computers, technology and training in urban communities.

100 Black Men is a group of concerned African Americans whose goal is to improve the quality of life in the African American community through their collective resources, ability and experience. The group's urban community project provides money and scholarships to individuals who volunteer for minority social outreach programs.

Team KOOL Green is a highly successful racecar team participating in Championship Automobile Racing Teams (CART) Champ Car series since 1997. Owned by Barry Green, the team is supported by principal sponsor Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation (B&W), and their flagship cigarette brand, KOOL.

In the support program announced today, Team KOOL Green, with funding provided by B&W, will offer financial donations to the 100 Black Men of America's urban community technology program based on race performances by TKG drivers Paul Tracy and Dario Franchitti.

Welcoming the Team KOOL Green and B&W involvement, Bill Simms, President of 100 Black Men of America, explained the total potential donation for lap completions in the five races is over $83,000. A "bonus" of $10,000 will be donated for each race either TKG driver wins, another $20,000 for any race in which the two drivers finish first and second, and $100,000 if TKG wins the CART championship. The total bonus could amount to $200,000, bringing the donation potential to $283,050. Regardless of their performance on the track, the 100 Black Men organization is guaranteed a minimum contribution of $50,000.

"Access to the Internet, new computer technology and the skills needed to be proficient at using computers are increasingly important for success in today's workplace," said Tommy Dortch, chairman of The 100 Black Men of America, Inc. "This partnership with Brown & Williamson and Team KOOL Green, will help our organization provide assistance to connect young adults with new information and communication tools and make a positive impact in many urban communities."

Speaking for the racing team, owner Barry Green said that Team KOOL Green shares with 100 Black Men of America, Inc. a belief in the need to increase access to technology for residents of urban communities.

"Our involvement in this project is an excellent and logical way for us to contribute to the program because our team is a leader in technology and engineering knowledge," he said, adding that "motorsport is the ultimate training ground for the world's engineers and computer specialists and racing is an example of technology use at its best. I can't think of a more vivid picture that demonstrates what education in this area can do, than to show you a Champ Car traveling 235 miles per hour around a racetrack."

Describing how the team will benefit while contributing to the urban community through its support of the urban technology program, Mr. Green said "our involvement offers us an excellent opportunity to help meet our ongoing commitment to develop our sport's future engineers and high-tech personnel. As well, everyone at Team KOOL Green will share a sense of pride in knowing that their hard work on race day can have a positive effect on the local community.

"We also like our chances for making a big contribution to the program this weekend in Detroit," continued Green. "Both of our drivers have won here in Detroit, including a dominating 1-2 Team KOOL Green finish in 1999."

"Team KOOL Green's contributions will be based on the success of Paul Tracy and Dario Franchitti in five CART races," explained Bert Kremer, Director of Sponsorships for Brown & Williamson. "TKG will donate money to the urban community for every lap completed here in Detroit, as well as at Champ Car events in Cleveland, Chicago, Houston and Fontana, California."

Tracy and Franchitti have experienced a good deal of success in their three seasons at Team KOOL Green, combining for 11 race wins including four 1-2 TKG finishes.

"We've got a proven track record in Champ Car," said driver Paul Tracy, "and there's no question we're one of the top teams out there week after week. We've got all the ingredients to make this a highly-successful program and I am glad to be a part of it."

"I think that this is really a great way for Team KOOL Green to give back to the urban communities that welcome us on race weekends," added Franchitti. "While we're really focused on our work when we come into a city like Detroit, we don't have blinders on. Being able to help in a small way is something I think we have a responsibility to do."

Mr. Kremer said the involvement in this program ties in with the company's ongoing commitment to give back to the community. He also pointed out that the project is an addition to the company's ongoing support of the 100 Black Men of America urban community technology program. The company is also contributing through its KOOL All Access Hip-Hop 10-city concert tour.

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