CHAMPCAR/CART: Team Kool Green Sneak Preview Saturday testing notes

Paul Tracy -- ...

Paul Tracy -- #26 KOOL Honda-Reynard
"Testing isn't the same as a race weekend and some times, when you're trying different setups among teammates, you're going to have days like this. We worked all morning to get some balance in my KOOL car. Then we put new tires on and the car was worse than it was on the used tires. Steve (Challis) and the rest of the engineers will take a look at the data from all the cars and see what we can do for tomorrow. There's absolutely no glory in testing, but it's what you've got to do to be competitive during the season."

Morning Session
Position: 20th
Speed: 97.506 mph
Time: 1:22.629 secs

Afternoon Session
Position: 16th
Speed: 113.747 mph
Time: 1:10.831 secs

Position: 17th
Speed: 113.747
Time 1:10.831 secs

Dario Franchitti -- #27 KOOL Honda-Reynard
"I was beginning to wonder if we were going to ever get a lap in today. We were chasing little problems all day - an electrical gremlin that was causing a misfire and a bad clutch at the beginning of the afternoon session. Chassis-wise the balance really isn't that bad. But the fact that we had a misfire all day just wasted the day for us. We are just going to look at it as our 50-mile test day. The Team KOOL Green engineers think they found the problem there towards the end of the session. We'll find out in the morning. "

Morning Session
Position: n.a.
Speed: n.a.
Time: n.a.

Afternoon Session
Position: 15th
Speed: 113.800
Time: 1:10.831 mph

Position: 15th
Speed: 113.800
Time: 1:10.831 mph

Barry Green, Team KOOL Green owner: "We had an electrical gremlin in Dario's car, so it's really unfair to try to justify how his day went. He only did 40 miles and a lot of those were in and out laps trying to pinpoint the gremlin. It's unfortunate because we had two different setups for Dario and (teammate) Paul (Tracy) and we really needed a good day to compare. Dario's setup was very similar to Michael's (Andretti, Team Motorola driver and TKG technical partner) and Michael is going very well (sixth fastest of the day), now we'll have a close look at how we finished with Paul and compare all the notes. It's a shame, because we'd previously completed over 1100 miles of testing this season without a problem. We think we resolved the problem with Dario's car towards the end of the session and he as able to get some laps in, but we still didn't give him enough time to get settled in and get up to speed. All we can say is "sorry Dario, but we have to wait for tomorrow." Fortunately, we've still got tomorrow to get to where we need to be. It will be a lot of hard work but I'm confident we can have a productive day.

"Paul's day was frustrating, as well. We took quite a different route with his setup - treating it like a test and not a race - and he's a little frustrated. There's too much understeer for his liking. We're going to look at the data in detail tonight, but I think it's safe to say it wasn't a good direction for Paul."

Tino Belli, Director of Research and Development:
"We had one setup on Paul's and a different setup on Dario and Michael's car. We weren't able to learn much from Dario due to his lack of track time. But Michael ran well all day and I think we still got a good lesson. When Paul tried new tires he lost the balance, while Michael kept his balance on new tires. So we've got a good direction of where to go."


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