CHAMPCAR/CART: Team Gordon Vancouver Saturday Qualifying Notes

Robby Gordon ...

Robby Gordon

#22 Johns Manville/Panasonic/Menards Toyota-Eagle Qualifying time - 62.104 seconds Qualifying position - 19th

Robby Gordon's qualification time of 62.104 seconds was good for 19th on tomorrow's grid in the Molson Indy Vancouver. The time was an improvement from yesterday's provisional best of 63.168, but not enough of an improvement to gain starting positions. Race time tomorrow is 1pm PDT.

ROBBY GORDON ­ "The car's not bad, I think I said that same thing yesterday. We just need to get off the corners faster. The gear ratios we ran today made the car faster, along with a couple of other changes, but we're still off when you look up the grid. A couple of the drivers got into the 60's today (60 second lap times), and we're still looking to dip into the 61's. The bar just keeps rising. To gain a full second from provisional day to pole day is great, but there's still another second in there we have to find.

"For the race we'll be in good shape. It's going to be hard coming from the 10th row, but I've had to do that a few times this year. Like any street race, attrition is going to play a big factor. We need to keep our eyes open to what's going on all day and try to make the race work for us."

MIKE HELD (Co-owner) ­ "We know the game where we're starting, so we'll just have to get it on and get it on all day long. It's tough back there, especially at a track like Vancouver, but it sounds as if the new passing areas are pretty good. If this holds true in a racing mode, we have a good chance to move forward. In Chicago the crew did a great job of making the car better during the race, if we can do that again here, we can have a good day."

STEVE ABRAHAMS (Hospitality coordinator) ­ "These Canadian races are always fun, but there are way too many fans here. I went out to find a good spot to watch Robby in qualifying yesterday and it took me the entire session to drive through the masses! What's the deal here? Does everybody play hooky on Friday in Canada? I couldn't find a space on the fence to save my life, let alone a place to park the golf cart. I think CART should do something about this. Really. Maybe they can reserve some spots for the hospitality people on a regular basis during Fridays."

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