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Robby Gordon #22 Johns Manville/Panasonic/Menards Toyota-Swift Race Notes/Quotes ­ Sunday, July 18, 1999 MOLSON INDY TORONTO Round 11 of 20 in the CART FedEx Championship Series Toronto, Canada

Robby Gordon ran his Johns Manville/Menards/Panasonic Toyota/Swift hard all day, finishing 13th in today's Molson Indy in Toronto. A fuel pick-up problem halfway through the race forced Gordon to pit earlier than necessary while running eighth. Gordon's fuel gauge indicated he had nine gallons left, but the car began to "burp" as he turned Lap 45. Team Gordon continues on the Fed Ex Championship Series trail next weekend with the U.S. 500 from Brooklyn, Michigan's 2-mile superspeedway.


ROBBY GORDON ­ "It's not the guys, I know that. They've been prepping good cars for me lately. This is the fourth race in a row we've run problem-free to the finish. But we're missing something big, not something small right now. We'll keep at it, but I have to be honest: I'm frustrated to finish where we're finishing. I have a hard time being proud that I finished a race 13th. Today, we had a fuel pick-up problem and we don't know why. This car ran the last two races, and in both of those, we ran the tank dry. Go figure."

MIKE HELD (co-owner) ­ "I'm feeling bad for my driver. He drives his butt off and doesn't get anywhere. I can only hope that there's mercy on the rest of the field when we put the right car under him because he's going to be a man possessed! Thirteenth ... oh well. Coming away without points hurts."

JOHN MENARD (co-owner) ­ "Robby's such a competitor, I know he's not too happy right now. But I see good things around me in this team. Each weekend there's improvement, and until we figure out this car, everybody needs to search for positives in other areas. We came close to another points finish. I give Rob a lot of credit for hanging again when the going was tough. I've said it once before and I'll say it again: patience at this stage in the game is going to pay back big down the road."

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