CHAMPCAR/CART: Surfers Paradise: RuSPORT Friday report

Michel Jourdain Jr., ...

Michel Jourdain Jr., #9 Gigante
Qualified 7th 1:35.233 / 105.657-mph

Mexican pilot Michel Jourdain Jr. hit the streets of Surfer's Paradise today looking to continue his streak of strong performances in the land Down Under, landing a solid top-ten qualifying effort early on in today's provisional qualifying for the Lexmark Indy 300. Jourdain, who has finished in the top-ten the last four years here, was just shy of securing his third consecutive top-five qualification before a red flag ended the session and quelled his final laps. The # 9 Gigante crew will now focus on tomorrow's final qualifying session and look to start in the top-five for Sunday's race.

Michel Jourdain Jr.
"We found a mistake on the set-up of the suspension, so we will fix it for tomorrow and that should make some real improvements for us. Right now, the car is really tough to drive, but still we're not in a bad position for starting and moving up the grid for tomorrow. I feel pretty comfortable, but not satisfied. This is a challenging circuit and we're all battling red flags out here."

Jeremy Dale, Team President
"For RuSPORT's first trip here to Surfer's Paradise, P-7 is not bad for Friday. Michel's car is good, but not great and as usual Michel was driving the wheels off it. At this track so much of the lap time is from driving through the chicane and over the curbs, but we're definitely moving in the right direction. I think we'll look for a good day tomorrow."

A.J. Allmendinger, #10 Western Union
Qualified 8th 1:35.254 / 105.633-mph

Before a red flag ended today's provisional qualifying for the Lexmark Indy 300, Rookie of the Year points-leader A.J. Allmendinger was well on his way to securing his tenth top-ten qualifying effort of the season. His best lap in the #10 Western Union car was an improvement on this morning's practice time and placed him 8th provisionally on the timesheets for his first visit to the streets of Surfer's Paradise.

A.J. Allmendinger
"My team really did a great job in making some big gains with the car between this morning's practice and qualifying this afternoon. We still need to get more out of the car and I didn't really put together a great lap, or one that I was nearly satisfied with, but it's a good start. I think we really have a good shot of improving tomorrow and putting the #10 Western Union car further up the grid."

Jeremy Dale, Team President
"A.J. did a great job out there today. The car was not good in the morning practice and he wasn't really happy with it. That was reflected in the lap times. A.J. and the guys got together and really made some big improvements. This is a high commitment racetrack and A.J. has got that commitment. The weather is good; we're starting from a good place, so it should make for a good day tomorrow. I think before Saturday is through, we'll see A.J. further up the grid."


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