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MARIO DOMINGUEZ (#55 Herdez Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone):
"What goes around comes around. We've had a lot of bad luck this year. The team had a wonderful strategy. The team really put the car back together after the first lap incident. I feel like the luckiest man in the world at the moment. I really think it will be the first of many for this team. We had the good luck for once today. I kept thinking I could win this thing if this or that strategy played out. But our bad luck turned around and we won. It was unbelievable. A win is a win and you take it no matter what."

PATRICK CARPENTIER (#32 Player's/Indeck Ford-Cosworth/Reynard/Bridgestone):
"Every weekend is different. And when you get conditions like this it's always difficult. It was too tough of conditions but it was the right decision to run the race behind the pace car. In a race like that, that's just the way it is. I've lost races like this, but I ended up second today and I'll take it. It's a shame that we had to do it behind the pace car but that's the way it goes and that's the way racing goes."

PAUL TRACY (#26 KOOL Honda/Lola/Bridgestone):
"Well it started raining and it just got worse and worse and worse. I didn't really understand what was going on and my team didn't understand what was going on. It was tough for me because I didn't think the race was going to go on as long as it did. It was getting dark, and I had a dark visor on. The track was flooding and it was no one's fault. It was just Mother Nature."

KENNY BRACK (#12 Target Toyota/Lola/Bridgestone):
"Unfortunately, we didn't stop on lap 22 or we would have won the race. (Laughs) But seriously, we had great car today and had a chance to win. It's a shame that the race was decided behind the pace car. That's not what the fans or the teams came here to see. I'm sure that there was a purpose behind the way it ended, but I don't see it. I guess that it was the fairest decision in that everybody had to pit twice. I've had a weird season and it continued today. It's good for us to finish fourth and help Toyota clinch the manufacturers championship. They've been a great company to work with and I'm happy to have given them the points they needed to win it."

TONY KANAAN (#10 Pioneer/WorldCom Honda/Lola/Bridgestone):
"What a day. I've never experienced anything like that in my life. I don't know what to think, other than that if the race would have gone 50 laps and we would have continued under yellow, I would have been the winner. It wouldn't have felt like any other win I've had, but on paper, at least, it's always good to have a win in the record books. Unfortunately, they decided to stop the race when they did and we had to settle for fifth. All four cars that finished ahead of us would have had to pit before Lap 50. How they came up with Lap 40, I'll never be able to understand that. I guess somebody spun the roulette wheel and that's the lap number that came up. That was a total joke. I feel really bad for the fans because that had to be a tough thing to sit through ... the ones that stuck around, anyway. Let's pack up and go to Fontana."

DARIO FRANCHITTI (#27 KOOL Honda/Lola/Bridgestone):
"Fortunately I was ahead of the problem on the first start. I didn't even get to third gear and I couldn't see the track, I couldn't see the walls, so I was planning to follow Shinji (Nakano), hoping he knew where he was going The track certainly wasn't raceable. I've never seen anything like this in my life. To go out there and just follow the pace car around for 30 laps isn't racing, and after all the hard work the Team KOOL Green crew put in this weekend they deserved better. CART certainly doesn't control the weather, and honestly the track wasn't that bad when we started again, but it didn't take long to get worse and we shouldn't have been out there.I think they perhaps cheated Michael (Andretti) out of a victory today. The rules said the race would be complete at 36 laps, and given the conditions it should have been called."

CRISTIANO DA MATTA (#1 Caltex/Havoline Toyota/Lola/Bridgestone):
"When there was a race, I was leading it and pulling away. I led all the laps when it was a race. Afterwards, it wasn't a race anymore. It's a big, big disappointment that the race went the way it did. I really love racing here and it's a shame that we didn't get to put on a good show for all of the great fans here because we had a good car."

MICHAEL ANDRETTI (#39 Motorola Honda/Lola/Bridgestone):
"This is a real disappointment. It looks like it became political out there. The conditions were horrible. I could barely see the car in front of me. I thought Team Motorola made the right call bringing me in on Lap 16 because then I would not have had to pit before the race became official. This is just terribly disappointing."

MICHEL JOURDAIN (#9 Office Depot Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone):
"I am very glad that everything is pretty much in one piece and that everybody is relatively okay. Congratulations for Mario Dominguez and the Herdez people. For many years, I was associated with them and they have put a lot of money into the sport. Now finally they get a winning result. I'm happy for them but I don't think it is fair. A guy that qualifies over a second slower and has four pit stops wins the race. (On the first lap incident) I don't we should have started the race with those conditions. It was very bad out there. Hopefully they learned from this event."

CHRISTIAN FITTIPALDI (#11 Lilly Toyota/Lola/Bridgestone):
"I'll drive in the rain if I have to but it was totally crazy out there. I couldn't see a thing and I was sliding all over the place even in second gear. It's with a lot of sadness that I have to admit that this was such a bad race for the competitors and the fans."

JIMMY VASSER (#8 Shell Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone):
"I was trying to keep a pace as we came down for the green flag. But to be honest, I couldn't see anything because of the (water) spray. As I went passed Start/Finish, I saw (Adrian) Fernandez' car right in front of me. He must have checked up (braked) very early and I was maybe five feet from him when I saw his car. I clipped him and got sideways. I couldn't see and then someone hit me. The next thing I knew I was on my head sliding. I could see Michael's (Andretti) car nose coming straight at me and I was thinking, 'Don't hit the cockpit'. Luckily, he didn't get to me. But there was crap flying everywhere. It was just a matter of no visibility. (After the race) "I'm happy for the region that it is getting the much needed rain that they needed. I'm disappointed for the racing fans here in Australia that they didn't get to see a race today. It wasn't really a race. But I think the rain here is probably more important than a good race. Hopefully the fans will come back next year to see a good race."

BRUNO JUNQUEIRA (#4 Target Toyota/Lola/Bridgestone):
"This is not how the race should have ended. I think they should have stopped the race and the finishing order be how it was under the last green lap. Cristiano deserved to win the race and I should have finished in second. This is not what the fans came here to see. I really feel bad for them more than anybody. I deserved second place and I ended up not getting any points in the championship. I'm still fighting for 2nd, and it hurt us today. I'm very disappointed and angry with how things turned out today."

SCOTT DIXON (#44 Target Toyota/Lola/Bridgestone):
"Well, we had a good car at the start of the race. The conditions were pretty tough, but we felt like we had a good chance today. Something happened with the electronics or something. It could have been caused from all of the water out there. Under the yellow, we kept losing voltage. It's really disappointing to have my hometown race end like this, but we're heading to Fontana next weekend and we'll have a good shot to win that one."


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