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Sebastien Bourdais ...

Sebastien Bourdais #1 McDonalds Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone (1st, 216 points)

"We've had some pretty good showings at Road America but unfortunately for some reason we haven't been able to put it to together and win. It has been a little frustrating from time to time, especially last year when we seemed to be running away with it and every time there would be a yellow, A. J. came out on top. But that's what racing is all about; sometimes it just doesn't go your way. For the championship, a win there would be just like any other win. The most important thing for the McDonald's team is to just put the car up front and have a good finish -- in the top-five if possible. It's what we're going to need to focus on for the rest of the season and hopefully if we can do that we should be in pretty good shape for the championship. It's pretty hard to put together the perfect lap on the four mile track. In the meantime, it flows very nice when you feel confidence in the car and you feel good. It flows from one corner to another and before you even know it the lap is over. It's an awesome feeling to do a qualifying lap right in Elkhart Lake. It's really, really enjoyable. Elkhart Lake is definitely our garden. It's the closest race to our shop and a lot of the families of the team members come for the race and it's definitely, more than ever, a family atmosphere. It would be really good to win the one that the McDonald's team never won. There would be a big celebration if we could finally get a win at Elkhart Lake after having such a good car there."

Robert Doornbos #14 Minardi Team USACosworth/DP01/Bridgestone (2nd, 206 points)

"Road America is a high-speed track, more what I'm used to in Europe. You sort of have to shift your mindset, just as you'd change the setup on your car after racing on a street course. For one thing, there is so much more speed around the turns compared with the street circuits that you have to be much more delicate and precise with the car. We did well at the test earlier this year, and I can't wait to get back there. I think Road America is probably one of my favorite circuits, of the ones I have driven on this season; like Mt-Tremblant, it reminds me of Spa-Francorchamps, in Belgium. I'm looking forward to another good race, and helping the team fight its way back into the Championship lead."

Will Power #5 Aussie Vineyards Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone (3rd, 192 points)

"The next batch of races is extremely important for the championship, especially Elkhart Lake. Our goal is to finish every race as competitively as we can and to rack up as many points as we can. Road America is one of the best circuits that we drive on and we definitely have an advantage being that we tested there a month go and we were able to get a good handle on the Aussie Vineyards so we can rock up on par with everyone this year. Last year we finished a lap down due to an incident we had in the first corner, so this year I'm looking to finish the job and bring the boys home a good result."

Justin Wilson #9 CDW Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone (4th, 175 points)

"We are so close this season to earning our first win, but it just has not been in our cards yet. We have demonstrated in the last three events that we have a car that belongs on the front row and on the podium. We are coming off of a bittersweet weekend in San Jose, one that saw us win the pole in the #9 CDW car but finish outside of the top ten after being hit front behind on Lap 4. That was a shame, because we had a very fast, competitive car. My crew did a great job to repair the car of its damages and get me back out there. We posted the fastest lap time of the race, despite being 20 laps down and finished 13th to grab some much needed points in the championship, as the battle remains tight. So we are confident in the car, as our last five of six races we have finish in the top five or better. We had a decent test in June at Road America, which gives us the advantage going into this race weekend knowing exactly what the new Champ Car DP01 wants on this specific track. The Road America track is one that I always look forward to racing on, because it is the kind of track that I was born to race on. It is a proper road course and one of the best road courses we race on in this series. It has fast corners, long straight-aways that are good for passing and it is challenging because it is the longest course that we run on. We have come a long way in such a short time, a win this weekend would be an added boost for our team, and great way to thank CDW and all our partners for their support this year."

Simon Pagenaud #15 Aussie Vineyards Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone (6th, 154 points)

"I love Road America and can't wait to go back. It has to been one of my favorite tracks in the world for a number of reasons. Not only is it a blast to drive on, but it's a special place for me because we clinched the Atlantic Championship in Wisconsin. I look forward to going back because we just recently had a successful test there and I believe the Aussie Vineyards car will be very efficient and fast and hopefully we can bring the fans a good show."

Graham Rahal #2 Medi | Zone Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone (8th, 145 points)

"We planned for last year's Atlantic finale at Road America to be a good weekend for us. We thought we had a strong shot at winning after having some success there in the past but it didn't go our way though after we had a problem with a stuck throttle sensor. Hopefully this year it will be better. I think we've got a good car. In testing we were very strong and Sebastien and I had two of the quickest cars there. I think the Medi | Zone team can close the gap to Sebastien and have not only a shot at the podium but also at a win, which is exactly what we need to do. I think the best parts of the track are the carousel and the kink which are the areas you hear about the most. It's definitely very challenging; it's very, very fast. It's the fastest place we go by far. The length doesn't really stand out for me because of the speed you travel. Lap times are still pretty quick even though it's a four mile course. If you look at it in the big picture, there are three places where you go almost 190 mph and that's a lot. I think that for us we figured out a lot of things with this car that will work to our advantage so we'll see what happens. A lot of these guys grew up going to Road America being that the track is so close. And of course the track is close to Carl's heart so its nice to go there and have a good results. For myself as well because I know that Road America was always my dad's favorite track. It's always nice to go back there."

Alex Tagliani #8 RSPORTS Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone (9th, 140 points)

"Last year it was pretty exciting for me to get back on the track where I won my first race, but we had some bad luck and bad timing, which ultimately cost us a podium finish. But it is a breath of fresh air to return to this circuit, and hopefully turn our luck around this season by finishing in the top three at Road America. Even better, would be to repeat our success in 2004, now that I am back racing with the team that gave me a car which took me all the way from 13th to victory lane. So, it is pretty exciting for us because we have a lot of great memories here together and we are hoping to perform well. It is a fun event and the track is so long and so big that the fans are spread out everywhere, from sitting on the hill to watching from their motor home. I can't wait, it is always a great event, it is a great track, and I have done well there in the past. Hopefully we can walk away from this weekend with a solid performance and move our way back into the top five of the championship standings."

Bruno Junqueira #19 Sonny's Bar-B-Q Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone (10th, 125 points)

"Road America is my favorite race of the year to come to. I love this track because this is the place of my first Champ Car World Series win. I have always done well at Road America (2 wins, 2 poles and 4 podiums). Road America is a fast, long and very difficult track to drive. I love driving every lap there and I think this is the best opportunity to get my first win of the season and the first win for Dale Coyne Racing."

Paul Tracy #3 INDECK Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone (11th, 113 points)

"It's been a difficult season for us so far, we've definitely had our share of bad luck and our share of problems. Going into Road America we just need to get back on track and pick up the pace and get a good result. Road America is a great track, I think every single driver will tell you that it is one of their favorite tracks. I've always enjoyed racing there, it has a great combination of slow, medium, and fast corners. I've won there twice before so I'm really looking forward to getting my third one."

Ryan Dalziel #28 PCM Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone (13th, 95 points)

"Having to sit back and watch a race on television was more painful than the actual injury! We had a really good test at Road America, it was definitely our best test of the year, so I think we are all excited to get back there as we should have a good car to start with and work on it from there. I Feel 100% but because of the location of the injury, we'll do evaluation laps on Thursday just to make sure everything feels good in the car. I am ready to get past this and continue my focus for a top-ten result in the series championship."

Dan Clarke #4 Minardi Team USA Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone (14th, 83 points)

"Achieving my first Champ Car pole position here last year makes this a special place for me, but it's also very similar to a lot of fast tracks back home in Europe. People always expect the European drivers to be fast here, but no one should be underestimated in Champ Car. Last year, we had a strong race, and so far in 2007, we've threatened to do really well, so I hope this weekend is a success!"

Katherine Legge #11 Dale Coyne Racing Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone (15th, 71 points)

"I'm looking forward to going back to Road America this weekend for a couple of reasons. This is the track which gave me my 15 minutes of fame because of my horrific crash their last September. Even though I crashed last year during the race I was doing quite well driving there. It looks a lot like a European race track to me and those kinds of tracks are fun to drive. We had a good test session their back in June so I think I have a good feel for the track driving the new DP01 car. But mainly I'm looking forward to this weekend to put "The Crash" behind me for good."

Alex Figge #29 PCM Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone (16th, 57 points)

"I am really looking forward to our return to Road America. I think the fans are in for a terrific weekend with the ALMS/Champ Car double header. It is just an awesome track and we had a great test there, so I think we should be able to make a lot of progress this weekend."

Jan Heylen #34 Champ Car Grand Prix of Belgium Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone (17th, 50 points)

"I am really looking forward the Road America road course since it is one of my favorite tracks in the U.S. This weekend is the first of three road courses coming up in the schedule and is a very technically challenging course with fast corners and high speed straights so my skills as a driver will be pushed to the limit. We did some testing here in June and have run a few races since then so now I feel confident that we have a good base setup for this weekend."

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