CHAMPCAR/CART: Portland Tasman Race Notes

Tony Kanaan, ...

Tony Kanaan, #21 LCI Reynard-Honda: Finished Fourth (Best Champ Car career finish to date)

"I am very happy. We had a pretty good race. The car was consistent all the time, the guys did a good job in the pits and I could be consistent on the track. I think fourth place is good but I want more. I want to finish one time in the top three and to try to win. For today, it was good. It's time to think about Cleveland.

"Steve (Horne) told me about the start and to do a double brake at the end of the straightaway to stay out of trouble. Throughout the race he was helping me to keep a good pace. He is very important for me. It is good to have him talking to me all the time. I think we can have pretty good results together.

"It's too early to talk about the Rookie of the Year. We still have 10 races to go and I think Helio (Castro-Neves) and I are going to be fighting to the end."


Airton Dare, #1 Banestado/LCI Lola: Finished Second Second in championship standings

" At the start, I was lucky to not crash into anybody. I saw one car in front of me, one beside me and cars going everywhere. During the race, I started to pick up oversteer and it was getting worse and worse. Then I made a mistake on the second start at the entry to the straight and (Luiz) Garcia passed me. It was a very confusing race, but we moved up to second in the championship and that is good for us."

Cristiano da Matta, #2 Medley/LCI Lola: Finished 20th Leads championship standings

"(Guy) Smith and (Didier) Andre tried to brake too deep and went straight. I knew they weren't going to manage to stop the car where they were trying to start braking. So when I started turning to get the apex for Turn One, Geoff Boss hit me from behind and spun me around because he hit me and he never lifted. He kept the throttle on and he spun me around. I got hit by somebody else as well. There was damage to the front suspension and maybe the rear suspension as well. That was my day."

Steve Dickson, Team Manager:

Tasman Motorsports filed a protest over the start of the race.

"Obviously, the start and Guy Smith. For us it was obvious and I think for a lot of people. I think you look at the television and there it was -- improved position, improved situation. It's right in the rule book and it's right on TV."

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