CHAMPCAR/CART: Portland: Sunday post-race quoteboard

A.J. Allmendinger ...

A.J. Allmendinger #7 INDECK Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone -- "This is absolutely amazing. I still don't think I really understand it and believe that it happened. I know with like seven or eight laps to go, I started tearing up. I told myself to stop being a sissy and finish the race because I hadn't won anything yet. It just absolutely amazing. I can't thank Forsythe and the whole team enough for everything they've done for me this weekend. Before the weekend even started, just stuff like travel and stuff that happen doesn't seem that big of a deal that sometimes can be trouble, they made so easy. Getting here, the group of guys were absolutely fantastic. I can't thank them enough for what they made me feel like when I got here and how comfortable I was to get in the car, out of the car, how much fun they made this weekend go. mean, the pit stops were absolutely fantastic. I just can't thank the whole team enough. Red Bull for sticking behind me. No matter what I was going to do, they said they were going to stick behind me. It's absolutely a fantastic sponsor."

Justin Wilson #9 CDW Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone -- "You know, it was a nice to slot in behind AJ at the start. Dan Clarke managed to get into second. That wasn't too concerning. I just sat there saving fuel for the first stint. I was pushing as hard as I could without burning too much. After he went off, got his flat tire, I just pushed hard and tried to keep the gap the same and close the gap down, if I could, to AJ. It's just a case of running flat out for the rest of the race. Seems like we did 105 laps at qualifying pace. Every lap was flat. I got close to making a turn into turn one. Locked up the right front for some reason, and that pretty much put an end to my attack. I lost front grip ever since then and had a huge vibration. We're losing time and there's also the risk of it letting go so we decided to pit early. We had a long last stint, which ultimately hurt us, made life difficult. Fortunately, I was able to stay ahead of Sebastien and claim second place."

Sebastien Bourdais #1 McDonald's Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone -- "I think it was probably the most frustrating race I've ever been a part of right from the beginning. You know, if you think the first start was ugly, I think the second one was probably about the worst thing I've ever seen in my life. From there on, after that, you're trying to make up for mistakes that people did to you and the entire line I was part of. So, what can I say? You know, the McDonald's car was probably the class of the field today. You know, we are trying to make a little bit of history here, but I guess some people thought different. We never really got a chance to fight for it. This is the way it is. We'll just move on and see what we can do in Cleveland. But, yeah, quite a frustrating day."

Bruno Junqueira #2 Newman/Haas Racing Ford-Cosworth/Bridgestone/Lola -- "In the meeting with the starter, I told him where I was going to accelerate and I was not at full throttle when Race Control decided to throw the green earlier than we talked about. It's a big disappointment because we had to conserve fuel after that and no yellows ever came out to try to regain positions. We were passing cars and setting a good pace despite saving fuel. It's a disappointment the race started the way it did because we could have finished better."

Cristiano da Matta #10 RuSPORT Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone --"I'm happy with the results of my first weekend with the team. Fifth place is a good place to start from. Obviously, we don't want to be fifth forever, but I think it's a good start. I understand the team principals and philosophy a lot better, and the team understands a lot better what I want out of the car. I understand how the car works a lot better, and I think we have a very solid place to build from. So, I'm very happy overall."

Dan Clarke #14 CTE Racing-HVM Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone - "We had a good race today. At the beginning, I was running ahead of Justin and he wasn't able to catch me, then I was running ahead of Bourdais and he wasn't able to challenge. It's given me lots of confidence. I have been working really closely with the engineers on how to get the best from the Champ Car and how to drive it to its full potential, and this really paid off this weekend. Overall, it has been a very positive weekend for us and CTE-HVM have done a great job. I've grabbed the Rookie of the Year lead as well which is rewarding too."

Paul Tracy #3 INDECK Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone - "Well first of all I want to congratulate A.J. on his first win; he drove a hell of a race. The race for us wasn't nearly as enjoyable obviously, we were just out there trying to stay consistent and just racing for points basically. We didn't have the speed, the balance just wasn't there. Our fuel mileage wasn't very good either, it is very difficult to save fuel when you are struggling with the setup of the car, so we had to pit earlier than the guys around me and that sent us back a few positions. I'm just going to concentrate on Cleveland now, I won there last year and I'm sure we'll have a good car, I'm really looking forward to the race and hopefully we can repeat our performance from last year."

Nelson Philippe #4 CTE Racing-HVM Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone - "I feel that we put in a great team effort this weekend; we work very well together and it showed in our results. However, we just need to work on our qualifying. We showed the pace to keep with the leaders all day and I think that if we had started upfront we could have finished upfront. We are a team of good caliber and we're going to go for podiums week in and week out. I'm really happy for Dan. He made a cool move over-taking Tracy when he locked up his tyres. Overall, I am happy as I was consistent, fast, and kept the tyres under me--this was definitely my best drive. I'm looking forward to Cleveland next weekend where we will be even quicker."

Oriol Servia #6 Gulfstream Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone - "After the weekend the Gulfstream -- PKV Racing team had, finishing 10th in the race was a decent result. The biggest thing is we needed to go home from Portland with some points and we did that. I felt we did a good job in the race. We tried to gamble with the strategy by stopping early, but the yellow never came out so there were no miracles. The crew did a good job in the pits and I was pushing hard every lap. We passed a couple of cars on the track and that was the only positions we could pick up. I think we had our best car of the weekend for the race and for that I am happy. It was also good to bring the car home with all four wheels on it. The Gulfstream -- PKV Racing crew worked extremely hard all weekend repairing and preparing cars. I really want to thank them for all their hard work. Now we get a fresh start in Cleveland."

Alex Tagliani #15 Aussie Vineyards Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone -- "In general this was a pretty disappointing weekend. We didn't have a fast enough car, and the strategy that we chose required a yellow and we didn't have any yellows, so the two things we needed we didn't have. Our car wasn't quick enough so when that happens it makes for a tough weekend. Team Australia put in their best effort and worked very hard, but that's racing, and now we just have to focus on doing well in Cleveland."

Katherine Legge #20 Bell Micro Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone - "The Bell Micro -- PKV Racing team did a good job preparing the car for the race. It was the best it has been all weekend on the last two sets of tires. I am a little disappointed because I felt we were held up by some other cars that were slower, but overall I think we had a solid race. We stayed in the hunt for the rookie of the year award, so I feel good about that. I really want to thank my crew for all the hard work this weekend. They did a great job in the pits, as always. It's hard because I know we can do better, but I also know that I am still learning. I just have to keep improving each weekend."

Tonis Kasemets #18 Flexovit Abrasives/Rocketsports Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone - "It was very hard work out there today, but it was a lot of fun. I could have been more competitive if I didn't have to watch my mirrors so much, but we did our best. This is a wicked opportunity that Paul (Gentilozzi) and Rocketsports has given me. I will try to do a better job for the next race and I think everything is going to come together perfectly. I am happy that I was able to accomplish my goal that I made coming into this weekend, which was to finish the race. It may not have been very high on the charts, but we finished! Now I will move on to Cleveland and continue to work with my driving and the team to get a faster #18 Flexovit Abrasives/Rocketsports car."

Nicky Pastorelli #8 Bavaria City Racing/Rocketsports Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone -"I was hit from the side-rear and that sent me off into the grass. I had to come in and change my tire because the left-rear tires had been cut and gone completely flat. From the spin after the contact, the #8 Bavaria City Racing/Rocketsports car suffered damage on the front wing and rear suspension. That resulted in a bad car for the rest of the race day for me. It is so unfortunate because there was nothing that I could do, except finish the race. It is a shame because we had such a good start, which I am sure would have resulted in a good finish in the top-ten. But we keep improving, and now we will move to Cleveland and see what we can do there."

Will Power #5 Aussie Vineyards Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone - "In the beginning of the race we had a rocky start. The rear tires went off pretty badly, so we suffered a lot coming out onto the main straight and lost positions that way. After we fixed the brake problem the team made a change for the better and the car was really good. It's very disappointing to come away with another mechanical problem, but we were able to get some good lap times in, we practiced fuel saving, and we were able to come away with the fastest lap time. In the end the car felt really good after all the changes so now we can use that to our advantage in Cleveland."


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