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Budweiser/G.I. Joe's 200 Portland International Raceway 18 June 1999 What the drivers said by Alan Perry, Compiled quotes after Friday qualifying Patrick Carpentier Qualified 2nd We had a pretty good battle with Richie...

Budweiser/G.I. Joe's 200 Portland International Raceway 18 June 1999

What the drivers said by Alan Perry,

Compiled quotes after Friday qualifying

Patrick Carpentier Qualified 2nd We had a pretty good battle with Richie but he nipped me at the end by a few tenths, but we're pretty happy with the set-up of the car. I was going much quicker in the corners, but the engine was slow to peak near the end of the session.

Tomorrow we will be in the top five for sure.

Helio Castro-Neves Qualified 4th It was a difficult day. We really did not get much track time. This morning we had a problem developing power in the primary car, so we switched to the backup car. It was just starting to come together when the right front suspension failed approaching turn one. We missed the last five minutes of practice.

This afternoon we had to fight the rain and guess when to change from rain tires. Actually being fourth on the provisional grid is great. We has a chance to run the car both in rain and dry conditions. So we learned how to handle the elements. I am sure we can improve tomorrow.

Roberto Moreno Qualified 5th Provisional qualifying went quite well. We gambled a bit on the set-up for the car and it paid off.

Michel Jourdain Jr. Qualified 6th Under rainy conditions the car was not good, but under the drier conditions was not bad. We didn't test in road courses, but Mid-Ohio, so we have to work harder to try to get a good set up. Now, the car mainly developed push. I hope tomorrow it will be better. It was nice to be at least for a few seconds in the top of the times.

Al Unser Jr. Qualified 7th This was our first qualifying session on a road course with the Marlboro Mercedes Lola. We're learning more about the car with every lap we run. When my dry tires came in on my last timed lap, the car felt good and we were able to get our fastest time.

Luiz Garcia Jr. Qualified 9th Because of the weather, this was not a typical qualifying session. We took advantage of the dry track at the end of the practice to make a good lap. I also believe that my decision not to race at St. Louis and Milwaukee to be better prepared for Portland was the right one ... I'm still getting used to everything.

Memo Gidley Qualified 11th You take the conditions as you get them and that was a real learning experience. I feel the session was good, but it's kind of tough when you're still learning about the car, the engine and the tires.

Dario Franchitti Qualified 13th At one point the rain was way too bad and I thought I shouldn't have been out there. They stopped the session for a while, but not before I went off on one of my out laps. The crew fixed the car right away, but we had to sit on pit lane and serve an eight-minute penalty for causing a red flag.

It was really just a matter of hanging on, seeing where the puddles were and trying to go as fast as we could. It was pretty tricky, especially with the spray.

Paul Tracy Qualified 14th The car was phenomenal in the wet. The tires worked so well, it kind of makes me wonder if our dry setup was too soft because the car handled so well. The lack of dry track time shouldn't help us too much going into tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow. If the car's good in the wet, it's good in the dry.

Gil de Ferran Qualified 16th There's nothing you can do about the rain. It's good to know that the rain tires work well and I'm very happy with the car in the rain.

Juan Montoya Qualified 17th It's tough for all of us to adjust to the rain and the new tires. When we started to dry off at the end of practice, we were running very well.

Rain or shine, I think we're getting the necessary feedback from the car, so we should be OK Sunday no matter what the conditions are.

Greg Moore Qualified 18th The Player's team made some changes during the interruption, but we were mostly running on a dry set-up. Like everyone else, we got caught by the rain at the start of qualifying and it takes more time to properly set up a car for a wet track. There was a dry line at the end, but it was a bit too late for us even though we did improve our time at that point.

Tony Kanaan Qualified 19th It was good to run in the rain so we have an idea in case it rains for the race. I think we have a pretty good car. Unfortunately in qualifying, it was raining for us but not for the second group so I'm not praying for rain tomorrow for sure because we have to improve our lap times. I'm pretty confident that we have a good car here and we'll see.

Adrian Fernandez Qualified 20th The weather conditions made it very difficult. The car felt good at the end of the qualifying run. I had some trouble with traffic on my last two laps, which should have been my quickest. It really didn't make any difference though, because the second group had a dryer track and they were going to run faster times.

Mauricio Gugelmin Qualified 21st For qualifying we had a pretty loose car at high speed and some push in the slow areas of the circuit. We didn't change the car for a wet set-up, though. Apart from the balance, the car was trouble-free.

Michael Andretti Qualified 22nd I'm very disappointed with qualifying. We didn't put on new tires at the end and it hurt us. At the end of the day it doesn't really matter though since the slow group qualified in better conditions.

Jimmy Vasser Qualified 23rd Driving in these conditions, it's difficult to get any feedback for the set-up of the car. You have to assume the track will be dry for the race, so what we have learned today probably won't help much.

PJ Jones Qualified 26th The car wasn't great in the rain. Maybe we should have pushed it a little harder, but I don't think it would have made much difference because of the track conditions. Hopefully, it will be dry tomorrow and we can show what the car is capable of doing.

Christian Fittipaldi Qualified 28th A puddle sucked me in. I thought I had control of the car then the puddle just sucked me into it. I thought about getting out of the car until I saw everyone spinning toward me. When I did get out of the car, I saw Greg Moore spin so I ran away from the car.

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