CHAMPCAR/CART: Pick12: Preliminary entry list for Vancouver

CART Pick 12: Entries received ============================== IMPORTANT!: Don't forget to pay a visit WWW.SPEEDCENTER.COM and its sponsors!!! They are the ones who have made all this...

CART Pick 12: Entries received ==============================

IMPORTANT!: Don't forget to pay a visit WWW.SPEEDCENTER.COM and its sponsors!!! They are the ones who have made all this possible!!! :-) Plus, the only way you can win a prize if you win this weekend's race is by sending your entry using SPEEDCENTER's entry form, so don't wait, do it now before the deadline arrives! :-)

Some notes about the prizes:

Although there's no limit on the number of participants that can enter the contest using the same email address (you can have as many people as you want using your email address), for the prizes, here are some important details to be aware of, as follows:

Just one entry per individual. The player name must be a full name that can be identified with picture ID when our prize is delivered. No abbreviations for first and/or middle names are accepted in cases when there are multiple entries for a single email address! The winning prize will be sent to the name specified in the entry by registered mail. If that person cannot be identified by the mail delivery, the package will be returned to SpeedCenter and made available to the next highest scoring player who used the SpeedCenter form.

Please, use full names, not aliases or made-up names, as they will disqualify you from the prizes.

This is to avoid giving prizes to anyone who, to have better chances to win any of the prizes, might try sending multiple fake entries with made-up names, all from his email address, just to have better odds to get first place. I hope you understand this is to give equal chances to everyone to compete and win prizes (have a level playing field).

Vancouver entries as of 8/25

Adam List Karen Luna Aidan Gill Katie Dinardo Andrey Myhal Kim Wallen Antony Wilson Kristian Steenstrup Antti Teittinen Lindsey Asay Ashleigh Higgins Magnus Lindgren Barbara S Anderson Marc A. Johnson Ben Fluehr Mario Pennycooke beverly sharp Mark A. Woyna Brad White Mark High Brian Cumming Mark Lockwood Brian Hafer Mark Sterling brian j stouder Matt Manuel Brian Pratt Michael Cosgrove C. R. Tucker Michael Dinardo Carlos U. Martinez Michael Levis Carol Thompson Michael Lowe Chris Maupin mike dequardo Christine McKinney Mike Johnson Christopher Batz Mike Thiessen Christopher Wood Molle chuck wiecking Nancy Bernero Colin Taber Neil Deledda Connie Bellerose Neil P. Allen Craig Brumbaugh Pat Tieman David Brian Woodward Patrick J. Allen David J. Folk Paul Bell David Kostiew PAUL MAKEPEACE David Shorago Paul Surette David Strid Peter Burke Dean Dalrymple Peter J. Coe Dean Parisotto Poca Jointas Delane Rouse R S GREEN Dhruva Musunuru Ramon Avila Dianna Lee Smith Rebecca Burnell Don Coburn Reed Anderson Duane Kring Richard L. Tomer ed frame Richard Webber Edward M. Kasprzak Rick Irrgang Eric Bin Rick Tischler Eric Tittley Rob Joy Eric Zehnbauer Robert Auzner Fady Shaheen Robert E. Maleczka, Jr. Fernando Ilytch Pichardo AguilarRobert Layman Frank Ahnert Robert M McKenzie Geoff Beers Robert N Gilliland Graeme Weston-Lewis Robert Watt Graham Murfitt Roger Smith greg soleau roland leger Guilherme Cianfarani Ron Burnell Gustavo Cianfarani Roy Prather Guy Bellerose russ carlson Hans Weber Scott Davis J.D. Ellis Scott Speer James Barron Shane Rogers James Murphy Stephane Courville James Robert Beutel Stephen Shapiro Jamie M. Smith steve brandt Jean R. Anderson Steve Skok Jeff Graves Steven Gray Jeffrey L. Ison Tammie Fitzwater Jennifer Kasprzak Tim Francis Jim Lotz Tom Hammerton Jochen Bullerjahn Tomas Wahl John E. Cranston Val D'Andrea John E. Dunley Wayne Groff John Mullan Wendy Higgins john sinclair William M. Nuzum IV John Whisler william sevedge Juan Carlos Boyd Willie Wilkov Justin Mah Wyatt Russell K.G. May Yusseri Yusoff kale f. frank

You have until 6:00am GMT Friday 8/29 to enter, or to submit a changed entry.

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