CHAMPCAR/CART: Penske/Mercedes engine

Monza, 21st October - The Scala theatre in Milan provided an unusual backdrop to Ferrari's latest success. It staged an evening dedicated to the 2001 Formula 1 World Championship winning team, during which there was a performance of the ballet ...

>From todays Houston Post:

Team Penske, The most successful unit in Indy-car racing, is having problems with the new Mercedes engine it plans to debut in next month's Indianapolis 500, according to driver Paul Tracy. In comments reported by Canadian Press, Tracy said the as yet unraced Mercedes engine "is fast but it is unreliable. It doesn't rev very high. ...We've tried about eight or nine 500-mile tests and it hasn't made it even close to 500 miles yet. So it's got a long way to go." In announcing two weeks ago that the Penske team, winner of a record nine Indy 500s, would go exclusively with Mercedes at Indianapolis, Penske said the engine has been "tested over 2,500 miles."

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